A varied collection of news snippets


1789 – A Suicide at Brampton Abbotts

A Carpenter was discovered hanging from a tree in an orchard at Brampton Abbotts – he had been rather depressed for some time, so the jury at the inquest gave their usual verdict for the age…….Lunacy.

1844 – Tragic Drowning of Boy at Brampton Abbotts

A six year old boy by the name of George Shaw fell into the River Wye whilst playing on the bank with friends.

He drowned before anyone could help him.

1849 – Brutal Assault on Orphan Boy

David Powell, a farm labourer, was charged with having assaulted a 9 year old orphan boy whose resulting injuries made him unable to walk or stand.

The little lad had been employed by Mr. Burgum to watch his pigs one afternoon, and as he played with some straw by the barn David Powell became annoyed by the harmless actions.  He lifted the lad up by his ears and threw him over a board across the doorway.  Then he picked him up by one leg and arm and tossed him into the fold, where the poor lad fell on stones on his back.

The boy tried to get away, but was caught by Powell again and again.

When eventually he escaped and went home, he went to bed and was unable to rise again.  The surgeon kept going to see him, and told the court that the condition was getting worse rather than better.

David Powel was remanded in custody, but was later bailed out.

1851 – Cruelty to Horse at Brampton Abbotts

The details of this are too upsetting to be honest, but suffice it to say that Samuel Price of Brampton Abbots, employed at the time by James Barrett of the Royal Hotel, at his farm at Brampton,  mistreated an old horse so badly with a whip that it died.

Witnesses, and those who examined the dead horse, were in no doubt of the brutal attack, but Samuel Price claimed that it “would be a poor job if waggoners were not allowed to exercise a moderate punishment when their horses required it”.

The Bench eventually decided on a fine of £2 and Price was given a week to pay.

Just to take the nasty taste of this case away, I noticed on the same page that a chap was fined quite heavily for allowing his stallion to expose itself at the Ross Wool Fair!!  Deary me, how on earth do you prevent such a thing, or even rectify it once it has happened……my husband helpfully suggested a cricket back.

1879 – Man fined for being Drunk on the Road at Brampton Abbotts

Arthur Chamberlain, a labourer from Upton Bishop, pleaded guilty in court to being drunk on the highway at Brampton Abbotts.  He was fined 5s plus 9s costs.