The incredibly impressive Foxley manor house is sadly no longer in existence but it must have been one of the most important houses in Herefordshire, if not the Country.

Baron Robert Price

Born 14th January 1653 Robert Price was to become Common Councilman for Hereford; Town Clerk for Gloucester; Attorney General, Glamorgan; Steward to Queen Catherine of Braganza; council member in the Marches of Wales; Second Justice on the Brecon Circuit; Serjeant at Law and Baron of the Exchequer.

He had a rather wicked tongue, but was a smooth enough talker to get himself out of trouble although he himself was rather easily offended!

In 1679 Baron Robert Price married Ann Rodd who was one of the heiresses to Foxley.and in 1717 he set about building a mansion there.

When he found that his wife was having an affair with the son of Thomas Neale, her cousin, Robert sued Neale for enticing his wife away and making her pregnant – he won £1,500 damages, but Price refused to divorce her. They agreed on an amicable separation, and he gave her £400 pounds a year with an annuity of £120 in his will. All previous settlements were revoked, so that he had sole and happy possession of his wife’s inheritance!

Robert Price was a keen politician and also made very sure that he was liked by the Hanoverian Court before the death of Queen Anne, and was made Judge of the Common Please by George II. He died in Kensington in 1733 and was buried at Yazor.

In his will he left many bequests to the poor, as well as a maintenance for a Minister to read morning and evening prayers in a Hereford church.

Sir Uvedale Price

Foxley Manor passed down to Sir Uvedale Price, grandson of Robert, and he made his mark on the estate by enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape rather than creating the more formal gardens favoured at the time, inspired by his visit to Switzerland during his Grand Tour where he fell in love with the glorious and natural scenery. he also bought more land to extend the estate at Foxley.
Sir Uvedale had an essay published on the subject in 1794.

Uvedale Price died at the age of 39 on 6th November 1844 at Bishopstone.

Sadly,  Sir Uvedale Price’s son Sir Robert got himself into heavy debt, and the whole estate was put up for sale in 1855

It was described thus:

The noble and extensive domain of Foxley with the manors and advowsons, one of the most influential and important residential estates in the country within eight miles of the city of Hereford.

The accommodation was suitable for a large establishment and family of wealth and distinction.  There was an entrance and inner hall;  dining room;  billiard room;  library and study, as well as a suite of rooms used as a saloon, breakfast room and drawing room.

There were numerous bedrooms, dressing rooms, servants quarters and Housekeeper and Butler rooms.

Within the estate were more than three farmhouses, as well as a water corn mill;  blacksmith’s and Wheelwright’s shops, and many cottages for workpeople and their families.

John Davenport and the Rev. George Horatio Davenport

Foxley Manor was sold to John Davenport in 1856, who proceeded to rebuild much of the house. John Davenport was the eldest son of a china manufactuer; when he died in 1862 his second son the Rev George Horatio Davenport inherited the house and he in his turn made huge improvements and renovations to the estate buildings.

The Rev. George Davenport arranged a marriage with Miss Dashwood of Stanford Hall in 1866, and the  day was observed as a general holiday on the Foxley Estate.

The band of the Herefordshire Militia were engaged, and there was much dancing, singing and other amusements, with tea and plum cake for the children.

It was also discussed that a stained glass window be made for the church in commemoration of the event, and this memorial window was duly made at the extensive stained glass works of Messrs. Heaton, Butler and Bayne.

In WW2 the Americans used Foxley Manor as a military hospital, and after that the house became dilapidated and was eventually demolished in 1948 although the 19th century stable block survives and has been converted for residential use.


1861 – Foxley Manor Household

John Davenport 61 Magistrate of the County b. Staffordshire
Charlotte Davenport 53 Wife b. Liverpool, Lancashire
Harry Davenport 27 Son, Barrister b. Liverpool, Lancashire
Diana Eliza Davenport 22 Daughter b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Charlotte Lucy Davenport 21 Daughter b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
William Coller 42 Butler b. Somerset
James Hegg 21 Footman b. Derbyshire
John Baker 21 Groom b. Staffordshire
Robert Barnard 52 House Servant b. Bedfordshire
Rhoda Martin 41 Housekeeper b. Staffordshire
Margaret Martin 36 Lady’s Maid b. Staffordshire
Helen Fairhouse 46 Laundress b. Midlothian
Eleanor Picthall 27 House Maid b. Lancashire
Martha Lewis 24 House Maid b. Montgomeryshire
Sarah Bayley 29 Cook b. Shropshire
Letitia Gilbert 17 Kitchen Maid b. Staffordshire

1881 – Foxley Manor Household

Selina Broughton 51 Annuitant’s Wife b. Staffordshire
Rosamond Broughton 19 Daughter b. Staffordshire
Evelyn Broughton 16 Daughter b. Staffordshire
Florence Broughton 14 Daughter b. Staffordshire
Eleanor Broughton 12 Daughter b. Staffordshire
Amy Broughton 9 Daughter b. Brussels, Belgium
Augustus Lee 33 Visitor, vicar of Yazor parish church b. South Raynham, Norfolk
Sophia Auselmine 35 Governess b. Baden, Manheim
Hannah Williams 36 Cook b. Wales
Emily Perry 25 Lady’s Maid b. Somerset
Lily Lucas 18 Lady’s Maid b. Dover
Rosina Masterman 29 Lady’s Maid b. Germany
Ellen Carter 20 Housemaid b. Oxford
Elizabeth Powell 25 Housemaid b. Herefordshire
Mary Ann Pearce 25 Laundress b. Herefordshire
Elizabeth Hood 18 Kitchenmaid b. Herefordshire
James Draper 39 Butler b. Berkshire
Dominic Myath 22 Gardener b. Staffordshire
William Preece 26 Coachman b. Moccas, Herefordshire
Afred Seiger 22 Footman
Arthur Steele 18 Groom b. Herefordshire
William Raiswell 14 Groom b. Staffordshire

1891 – Foxley Manor Household

George Horatio Davenport 58 Vicar and Magistrate for Herefordshire b. Staffordshire
Sophy Diana Davenport 56 Wife b. Nottinghamshire
Ralph Tichborne Davenport 18 Son b. London
Henry Worthing 26 Butler b. Herefordshire
Isaac Groom 17 Footman b. Shropshire
Martha Found 27 Cook b. Staffordshire
Eva L. Jackson 20 Lady’s Maid
Martha Connington 49 Housemaid b. Rutland
Margaret Adams 20 Kitchen Maid b. Gloucestershire
Mary A. Ines 19 Under Housemaid b. Gloucestershire

1901 – Foxley Manor Household

Ralph T. Hinckes 27 Captain Militia Regt. b. London, Middlesex
Isabel Henderson 31 Cook b. Scotland
Laura Garbett 21 Housemaid b. Bromyard, Worcestershire
Jane Jones 22 Kitchenmaid b. Pontypool, Monmouthshire
Frank Kirk 22 Valet b. Ireland

1911 – Foxley Manor Household

George Horatio Davenport 78 Clergyman b. Staffordshire
Sophy Diana Davenport 76 Wife b. Nottinghamshire
Ralph Hinckes 38 Stockbroker b. London
Frances Hinckes 27 Daughter in Law b. not known
Martha Sales 33 Nurse, Masseuse b. Chichester
Emily Bishop 42 Lady’s Maid b. Honiton, Devon
Elizabeth Houghton 46 Cook b. Rednal
Elizabeth Weaver 25 Kitchenmaid b. Hay, Breconshire
Mary Marsh 17 Scullery Maid b. Hentland, Herefordshire
Bessie Boyd 28 Housemaid b. Halton Shield
Daisy Williams 16 Housemaid b. Chepstow, Monmouthshire
Worthy Vickery 28 Butler b. Thornford
Albert Cartwright 20 Oddman b. Bonington
Richard Gibbons 16 Groom b. Monington on Wye, Herefordshire