Hampton Court Castle in Herefordshire is not only exceptionally beautiful and well maintained, but also boasts history dating back to the 15th century, and is set in over 1000 acres of parkland, woodlands and pasture, with the river Lugg running close by.



Hampton Court Castle - Herefordshire - Chapel - exterior









Sir Rowland Lenthall

The estate was originally formed by the merging of the manors of Hampton Richard and Hampton Mappenor, and was granted by Henry IV to Sir Rowland Lenthall at the time of his marriage to Margaret Fitzalan, daughter of the Earl of Arundel, a cousin of the King. He built the manor house in 1427 and was granted a licence to crenellate the house by Henry V in 1434.
Sir Rowland’s daughter took over the manor, along with her husband the Baron of Burford, and their daughter married the fourth Earl of Essex – it was their son, George Capel Coningsby who sold the court in 1810 to Richard Arkwright.

Richard Arkwright

In the early 19th century, Hampton Court Castle was bought by Richard Arkwright, born 1755, who was the son of Sir Richard Arkwright (born 1732) – the celebrated inventor who is often erroneously credited with inventing the Spinning Jenny. It was actually a man called James Hargreaves who did this, but Arkwright did patent some improvements which produced a stronger yarn and needed less labour, although even these were claimed to have been copies of someone else’s work and the patents were later revoked. What is undisputed is that he was the first to make a horse driven spinning mill at Preston, and he greatly improved the efficiency of mills thereby increasing profits for the owners.

John Arkwright

John Arkwright set about rejigging the Court, he certainly had the money to do so as he was believed to be the most wealthy commoner in the whole of Europe. One of his sons, John, took over the Court and he too made huge changes and renovations – mainly to accommodate his twelve children – but the alterations changed Hampton Court to such an extent that the original medieval appearance was lost. He spent more than £46,000, an absolutely massive amount at the time, but by all accounts rather regretted it.

Johnny Arkwright

One of John Arkwright’s twelve children was Johnny, who at the age of 24 inherited the Castle and set about increasing the estate to a vast ten and a half thousand acres. He was something of a character, and lived life to the full but sadly fortunes failed, and after his death his son was forced to sell the Castle in 1912.

Mrs. Nancy Burrell

Nancy Burrell who hailed from Northumberland purchased Hampton Court Castle from the Arkwrights, running it as a hospital during WW1. She not only lost her husband during the war, but also lost her baby boy, and in 1924 she sold the Court on to the Devereux family who kept it until 1972. Unfortunately by this time the years had taken their toll and the whole house was in dire need of repair.

It still is – but a succession of owners have done their best to raise funds to enable vital work to be carried out, and it remains a hugely impressive and beautiful house.


All  pictures on this page are shown with the permission of the current owners of Hampton Court Castle.




Hampton Court Castle - Herefordshire - Chapel - interior











Hampton Court Castle - Herefordshire - Chapel - pulpit













Hampton Court Castle - Herefordshire - Chapel - bible rest











The Chapel is one of the oldest parts of Hampton Court, and was originally built as a private Roman Catholic chapel for the family’s use. It is now used for civil weddings and cermemonies.


Wall mounted candles, a later addition, showing the coat of arms of the Coningsby family


Hampton Court Castle - Herefordshire - Chapel - wall mounted candles












Household and servants 1841 Census

John Arkwright 55 Landowner
Sarah Arkwright 33 Wife
Caroline Arkwright 10 Daughter
Mary Arkwright 9 Daughter
John Arkwright 7 Son
Richard Arkwright 6 Son
George Arkwright 4 Son
Henry Arkwright 3 Son
Edwyn Arkwright 2 Son
Hungerford Hoskyn 35
James Milbank 35
Mary Nichols 47
Charlotte Evans 30
Eliza Morgan 20
Jane Jones 24
Sarah Williams 22
Mary Parry 19
Eliza Hall 26
Mary Jones 21
Margaret Evans 23
Harriett Williams 16
William Dean 26
Lazarus Fenton 18

 Household and servants 1851 census

John Arkwright 65 Magistrate b. Bakewell, Derbyshire
Caroline Sarah Arkwright 20 Daughter b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Mary Arkwright 18 Daughter, b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Frances Catherine Arkwright 9 Daughter b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Arthur Chandos Arkwright 8 Son, b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Emily Sophia Arkwright 6 Daughter, b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Charles Leigh Arkwright 4 Son, b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Alice Arkwright 2 Daughter, b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Eliza Ward 36 Governess b. Blackfriars, Middlesex
Harriette Cabron 41 Housekeeper b. London
Mary Tugman 35 Cook b. Dorking, Surrey
Elizabeth Watts 55 Nurse b. Devon
Mary Jones 30 Laundry Maid b. Dormington, Herefordshire
Catherine Taylor 34 Lady’s Maid b. Herefordshire
Harriet Jackson 26 Housemaid b. Wellington Heath, Herefordshire
Sarah Bryen 26 Nurse b. Herefordshire
Mary Wargent 24 Housemaid b. Herefordshire
Elizabeth ? 45 Kitchenmaid b. Herefordshire
Margaret Grainger 19 Housemaid b. Herefordshire
Eliza Grainger 23 Laundry Maid b. Herefordshire
Charlotte Williams 23 Kitchenmaid b. Weobley, Herefordshire
James Tallon 38 Butler b. Derbyshire
Mary Ann Elsden 16 Kitchenmaid b. Essex
Thomas Chandler 35 Coachman b. Eastington, Gloucestershire
William Gann 22 Footman b. Kent

Household and servants 1861 census

John H. Arkwright 27 Landowner and J.P. b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Sarah Arkwright 52 Mother b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Mary Arkwright 28 Sister b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Fanny C. Arkwright 19 Sister b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Emily S. Arkwright 16 Sister b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Alice E. Arkwright 12 Sister b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Richard Arkwright 26 Brother, Barrister in Practice b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Edwyn Arkwright 21 Brother, Undergraduate at Oxford b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Arthur C. Arkwright 18 Brother, Scholar at Eton, b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Charles L. Arkwright 14 Brother, Scholar at Harrow b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Eliza J. Ward 45 Governess b. London
Sarah Yates 49 Housekeeper b. Stoke, Staffordshire
Mary Ann Briscoe 57 Nurse b. Suffolk
Susan Newman 39 Lady’s Maid b. Southminster, Essex
Eliza Preece 24 Housemaid b. Withington, Herefordshire
Mary Morgan 26 Laundry Maid b. St. Martins Herefordshire
Eliza Matthews 17 Housemaid b. Monkland, Herefordshire
Mary Ann Herbert 19 Nursemaid b. Crickhowell, Brecon
Fanny Stevens 18 Laundry Maid b. Herefordshire
Martha Price 20 Kitchenmaid b. Crickhowell, Brecon
Ann Watson 19 Still Maid b. Cheshire
Charlotte Rogers 16 Scullery Maid b. Kington, Herefordshire
James Tatlow 48 Butler b. Derbyshire
Alfred Howells 30 Valet b. Calne, Wiltshire
Joseph Morrell 25 Footman b. Derbyshire
Charles H. Footitt 23 Footman b. Nottinghamshire
William Woolnough 30 Coachman b. Carlton, Suffolk
Thomas Chapman 22 Groom b. Suffolk
Charles Coward 21 Groom b. Bristol

Household and servants 1871 census

John H. Arkwright 37 J.P. b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Charlotte L. Arkwright 30 b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Caroline Tulitt 46 Housekeeper b. Brighton, Sussex
Annie Childs 24 Lady’s Maid b. Eversholt, Bedfordshire
Priscilla Phillips 27 Cook b. Pimlico, Middlesex
Priscilla Dakin 27 Laundry Maid b. Elton, Derbyshire
Rosabel Turner 29 Housemaid b. Surrey
Alice M. Clewes 22 Still Room Maid b. Birmingham
Elizabeth Pugh 20 Housemaid b. Whitney, Herefordshire
Caroline Hillier 17 Laundry Maid b. Wiltshire
Mary A. Dean 18 Housemaid b. Ross on Wye, Herefordshire
Sophia Diplock 23 Kitchenmaid b. Sussex
Helen Hill 17 Scullery Maid b. Richards Castle, Shropshire
Thomas Shephard 35 Butler b. Garforth, Yorkshire
Richard Palmer 28 Valet b. Weymouth, Dorset
Colin McColl 22 Footman b. Scotland
Joseph T. Collins 23 Footman b. Dorset
Alfred Gilbert 23 Coachman b. Stamford, Northampton

Household and servants 1901 census

John H. Arkwright 67 b. Hampton Court Castle, Herefordshire
Charlotte L. Arkwright 60 Wife b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Geraldine M. Arkwright 25 Daughter b. London
Evelyn Arkwright 24 Daughter b. London
Olive M.R. Arkwright 18 Daughter b. London
Jane Edwards 49 Cook/Housekeeper b. Anglesea, North Wales
Annie Reay 38 Lady’s Maid b. Cumberland
Georgina A. Webb 24 Lady’s Maid b. Poonah, India
Elizabeth Hobday 34 Housemaid b. Battle, Sussex
Laura Griffiths 22 Housemaid b. Monmouthshire
Gertrude M. Smith 18 Housemaid, b. Gloucestershire
Ellen E. Apperley 17 Kitchenmaid b. Kington, Herefordshire
Jerusa Picfinch 15 Scullery Maid b. Yarpole, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Gatehouse 19 Laundrymaid b. Ivinghoe, Herefordshire
William Childs 55 Butler b. Dorset
William Paul 27 Footman b. Lyme Regis, Devon
John Ree 16 Hall Boy b. Newtown, Herefordshire
Charles F. Chilman 34 Coachman b. Northamptonshire


In 1911 Arthur Charles Arkwright aged 68 and his wife Agnes Mary aged 67 were residing at Hatfield Place, Hatfield Peverel, Essex, along with their servants: