Originally King John owned the Harewood estate, and he gave it to the Knights Templar in the 11th century who constructed a chapel and house on the site which amounted to some 30 acres. Later, this became a preceptory of the Knights Templars, and afterwards of the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St. John Of Jerusalem.
The surrounding area was part of the forest of Harewood in which Ethelwold, the minister of King Edgar, is said to have had a castle.
According to local lore, Ethelwold hid the beautiful Elfrida from his royal master, but was assassinated when his treachery was revealed.


Hoskyns Family

The Hoskyns Baronetcy began in 1676 with Bennet Hoskyns, MP for Hereford. The family purchased the estate and demolished the existing house in 1781, building a new one in its place and landscaping the grounds. By 1839, after further rebuilding and renovating Harewood Park was an impressive mansion.


Chandos Wren Hoskyns

Chandos Wren Hoskyns was born in 1812, the second son of Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, and was educated at Shrewsbury School before going up to Balliol College, Oxford. He became a student of the Inner Temple, but although he was eventually called to the bar he never really bothered with the profession due to marrying rather well.
In April 1837 he married Theodosia Anna, daughter and heiress of a descendant of the architect Christopher Wren, and with the union came much land and money; he added “Wren” to his name by royal licence in the same year. Initially they lived in one of his new properties, Wroxall Abbey in Warwickshire, and it was here where Chandos developed a love and knowledge of all things agricultural; he was also an accomplished writer.
Theodosia died in 1842, and four years later Chandos remarried – Anna Fane.
He died following a long illness in November 1846


Chandos Hungerford Hoskyns carried on with the rebuilding work, and renovated the chapel in 1862; the family remained on the estate for a few more years before money troubles forced them to sell up.


Fire at Harewood Park

In 1887 Harewood Park was owned by Lady Vincent, lady of the manor and hundred of Wormelow, and occupied by Miss. Cuthbert, when fire broke out in the early hours of one morning. Miss Cuthbert woke up to the smell of fire, and saw flames coming from the laundry building – she woke the servants and Mr. Watson, the Butler, who all then rushed around the house in a panic gathering as many of their own valuables as they could to take them to safety.
A messenger sped to Llandinabo for the engine and fire brigade which promptly arrived, followed soon after by the Ross fire brigade which had been summonsed by Hollins the groom.
Much damage was done before the fire was finally extinguished, with the help of the fishpond in the front lawn, but due to the actions of a couple of calm people who managed to cut away the roof between the laundry and the mansion, the house itself was saved, and Mr. Greening the Coachman carefully watched the stables to ensure that they stayed safe.
The source of the fire was a woodhouse full of cordwood, and where there was a chimney with two flues…….beneath the chimney was a quantity of dry material, and it was thought that a spark from the laundry stove leapt to the dry wood which immediately caught alight.


William Sugden Armitage

William Sugden Armitage was born in 1851, and married Alice Mary Fisher in 1873 in Warwickshire, then settled for a while in New Zealand.
On their return they lived for a while at Harewood Park (with an enormous number of servants), but I suspect that they rented the property.
He died in 1903


Henry Harrison Parry

Henry Harrison Parry arrived at Harewood Park in the late 1800s, being the second son of the late Joseph Parry of Allington. He took a prominent part in public life, and besides being lord of the manor of Wormelow, he served for over ten years as Master to the Ross Harriers – a post that he excelled at with a thorough sporting spirit and most generous disposition. Meets at Harewood Park were always looked forward to by the Ross Harriers and South Herefordshire Hounds alike, for they were sure of a wonderful welcome. He was an ardent Unionist and was frequently voted into the post of President at the Ross Conservative Club, and up until his death was Master of the Harewood Lodge of the National Conservative League.
He was a Major in the 6th Battalion Royal Fusiliers, and was a Freemason, being a member of a Leicestershire Lodge – also Past Master of the Palladian Lodge at Hereford; a joining member of the Vitruvian Lodge at Ross; a founder and treasurer of the Vaga Lodge at Hereford; a Past Master of St. Ethelbert Mark Lodge; a P.S. of the Royal Arch Chapter, P.P.G.A.D.C of the Herefordshire Province of Freemasons, and a Night Templar.


Demonstration by Ross Fire Brigade at Harewood Park


In 1900 Captain Parry invited the Ross Fire Brigade, under the command of Captain Blake to go to Harewood Park with the “John Kyrle” steam engine, in order to give a display of its capabilities in the event of another fire at the mansion. The water in the lake was used, and after ten minutes four copious jets of water were being thrown across the lake and arcing up to 100 feet. As a final display, an extra length of hose was fitted and instantly the roof of the mansion was deluged. Captain and Mrs. Parry along with friends inspected the engine, and declared themselves convinced that the house could quickly be saved in the event of fire.
The steam was shut off, and in a few moments all the hoses were detached, rolled up and put away. The horses were harnessed and the two small daughters of the host were allowed to sit on the engine, then everyone enjoyed a substantial supper, before the brigade drove home late in the evening.
For some years Major Parry represented Llandinabo and Harewood as a Guardian of the Poor in the Ross Union, also as a Rural District Councillor, and in action brought by the Earl of Chesterfield and Mrs. Foster against the Wormelow free fishermen, he liberally supported the latter in the fight.
As a Justice of the Peace he was never severe or harsh with those that came before him at the Harewood Petty Session.

He died very suddenly in 1909 after a morning’s motoring. He became ill, and despite all medical attention he died in the afternoon aged just 49. he was a man who was very very sadly missed by so many people in many walks of life.

After his death, Harewood Park was occupied by Major Parry’s brother, Joseph. Eventually over time the money dwindled, and the house began to fall into disrepair.

Harewood Park bought by Guy’s Hospital

For one reason and another, mainly financial troubles, the house had to be sold and it was bought by the Trustees of Guy’s Hospital in 1941. It was used as a hospital in WW11, and rather fell further into disrepair.
How dreadfully sad that a family home became so derelict that once all fixtures and fittings had been removed, it was used by the SAS for demolition practice until virtually nothing remained of the house.


Later, and what on earth were the planning department thinking, a modern bungalow was allowed to be built on the site; thank goodness for the Duchy of Cornwall who rode to the rescue in 2000, and who have restored the whole estate and built a splendid house to grace Harewood once again.


1871 – Harewood Park Household

Chandos Wren Hoskyns 59 MP, Landowner b. Herefordshire
Anna Jane Wren Hoskyns 53 Wife b. Calcutta, Bengal
Catherine Wren Hoskyns 32 Daughter b. London
Hungerford Chandos Hoskyns 18 Son b. Leamington, Warwickshire
Clara Amelia Hoskyns 17 Daughter b. Leamington, Warwickshire
Anna Theadora Hoskyns 13 Daughter b. Leamington, Warwickshire
Charlotte Fabricius 32 Governess b. Austria
Frances ? 69 Housekeeper b. Hertfordshire
Emma Skeels 38 Lady’s Maid b. Cambridgeshire
Mary Ann Hicken 37 Cook b. Warwickshire
Eliza Hughes 17  Kitchenmaid b. Warwickshire
Margrett Morton Ersen 28 Housemaid b. Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Harriett Owen 19 Housemaid b. Wigmore, Herefordshire
Rachel Emma Savage 26 Laundrymaid b. Alcester, Warwickshire
Sarah Ann Price 19 Under Housemaid b. Herefordshire
William Saunders 18 Footman b. Bullingham, Herefordshire


1881 – Harewood Park Household

Hester Clara Stubbs 29 Widow b. Brampton Abbotts, Herefordshire
Stephen Horsley 28 Butler b. Berkshire
Thomas Longford 28 Gardener b. Weston under Penyard, Herefordshire
Frederick Green 44 Servant b. Llangarran, Herefordshire
John Sutton 25 Groom b. Knightsbridge, Middlesex
Hannah Green 45 Cook b. Herefordshire
Alice Maria Green 15 Servant b. Sellack, Herefordshire
Frances E. Cooper 20 Servant b. Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
Harriett Powell 29 Servant b. Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Preece 32 Servant b. Gloucestershire


1891 – Harewood Park Household

William Sugden Armitage 39 Living on own means b. Penderton, Manchester
Alice Mary Armitage 41 Wife b. The Hoo, Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Percy William Armitage 7 Son b. New Zealand
Eleanor Hope Armitage 5 Daughter b. New Zealand
Eva Winifred Armitage 4 Daughter b. New Zealand
Barbara A. Fowler 56 Servant b. Oxfordshire
Ruth Hopkins 17 Servant b. Forest of Dean, Herefordshire
Esther Cawlins 33 Servant b. Ireland
Harriett M.E. Timms 18 Servant b. Warwickshire
Elizabeth Beeby 22 Servant b. Leamington, Warwickshire
Elizabeth Silkstone 22 Servant b. Derbyshire
Emily Thornton 34 Servant b. Warwickshire
Lucy P. Devonport 27 Servant b. Birmingham
Elizabeth Harris 42 Servant b. Herefordshire
James James 28 Butler b. Radnorshire
Sydney Hall 16 Servant b. Upper Slaughter,Gloucestershire
William C. Crosby 16 Servant b. Leamington, Warwickshire
Henry Everitt 27 Servant b. Leicestershire



1901 – Harewood Park Household

Henry Harrison Parry 41 Landowner b. Wiltshire
Evelyn May Parry 31 Wife b. Plymouth, Devon
Evelyn Blanche Parry 4 Daughter b. Harewood, Herefordshire
Catherine Elizabeth Parry 3 Daughter b. Harewood, Herefordshire
Joseph Henry Parry 42 Brother, Barrister b. Allington, Wiltshire
John Miles 40 Butler b. Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Sarah Ann Burgess 44 Housekeeper b. Allington, Wiltshire
Elizabeth King 48 Cook b. Broadway Park, Wiltshire
Emily Hyett 30 Housemaid b. Llandinabo, Herefordshire
Sarah Stevens 24 Housemaid b. Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire
Emily Beatrice Smith 17 Kitchenmaid b. Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire
Alice Webb 37 Nurse b. Hampshire
Gertrude Kate Caudle 16 Under Nurse b. Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire



1911 – Harewood Park Household

Joseph Henry Parry 52 Barrister b. Allington, Wiltshire
Sarah Ann Burgess 54 Housekeeper b. Allington, Wiltshire
Alice Eliza King 25 Cook b. Pencoyed, Herefordshire
Emily Hyett 40 Parlourmaid b. Llandinabo, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Clements 19 Housemaid b. Wiltshire

1921 – Harewood Park Household

William Finley Campbell b. Victoria, Australia 1875 Head with independent means
Margaret Campbell b. Balcombe, Sussex 1875 Wife, home duties
Angela Margaret Campbell b.  Balcombe Sussex 1910 Daughter
Clara Elizabeth Campbell b. Balcombe Sussex 1911 Daughter
Patrick Finley Campbell b. Paddington, London 1914 Son
Jane Parry b. Montgomery, Wales 1889 Cook
Elizabeth West b. Sandhurst, Berkshire 1880 Housemaid
Matilda Alice Gould b. Builth Wells, Brecon, Wales 1894 Service Maid
Beatrice Ellen Visor b. Cuckfield,  Sussex 1908 Kitchen Maid
Harriet Ellen Walker b. Acton, Middlesex 1880 House maid
Gladys May Summerton b. Streatham, Surry 1903 Nurse
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