Moraston House building started in 1811 and was finally finished in 1815, with a large extension being added in the late 19th century. The grounds and gardens were, and still are, absolutely beautiful.
Situated just off the Ross to Hoarwithy road, the house was built for the new agent for Guy’s Hospital in Herefordshire – Whaley Armitage who due to ill health had to give up his profession as a barrister and move to the countryside. When he retired in 1849 at the age of 82, his son Arthur Armitage took over the post.
When Whaley died in 1855 Moraston house was sold, but from 1873 to 1910 it was owned by George Hayward Hadfield.
During the second World War the house was used for evacuated Chelsea Pensioners.

1861 – Moraston House Household

James Allaway 47 Banker b. Newland, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Hall 72 Housekeeper b. Lyonshall, Herefordshire
Sophia Simmons 34 Housemaid b. Dursley, Gloucestershire
Eliza Cox 22 Parlour Maid b. Gloucestershire
Sarah Derry 16 Nurse/Housemaid b. Much Cowarne, Herefordshire
Joseph Walton 47 Coachman b. Wiltshire

1871 – Moraston House Household

James Allaway 55 Retired Banker b. Gloucestershire
Sarah Rogers 41 Housekeeper/Cook b. Herefordshire
Sophia Simmons 43 Housemaid b. Dursley, Gloucestershire
Sophia Collins 21 General Servant b. Bridstow, Herefordshire

1881 – Moraston House Household

Matilda Gwilliam 34 Parlour Maid b. Bridstow, Herefordshire
Fanny Price 21 General Servant b. Tretire, Herefordshire

1891 – Moraston House Household

George H. Hadfield 57 Living on own means b. Manchester, Lancashire
Sarah Hadfield 53 Wife b. Beaminster, Dorset
Marion H. Hadfield 23 Daughter b. Birkenhead, Cheshire
Philip Hadfield 21 Son, Medical Student b. Birkenhead, Cheshire
Heywood G. Hadfield 18 Son, Law Student b. Birkenhead, Cheshire
Ada Gittus 28 Visitor, Actress b. London
Mary Leng 21 Visitor b. Sheffield, Yorkshire
Mary Adams 39 Cook b. Cornwall
Olive Higginson 16 Kitchen Maid b. Bridstow, Herefordshire
Mary J. Bevan 28 Parlour Maid b. Wiltshire
Alice Terry 20 Housemaid b. Kings Caple, Herefordshire

1901 – Moraston House Household

George Hadfield 67 Living on own means b. Manchester, Lancashire
Sarah Hadfield 63 Wife b. Beaminster, Dorset
Rhoda Barwell 22 Hospital sick Nurse b. Bristol, Somerset
Marion Price 25 Domestic Servant b. Glewstone, Herefordshire
Ada E. Price 22 Domestic Servant b. Glewstone, Herefordshire
Clara Guy 16 Domestic Servant b. Glewstone, Herefordshire

1911 – Moraston House Household

Edward Deedes Newnham Smith 61 Retired Colonel India Staff Corps. b. Agra, India
Catherine Louisa Newnham Smith 58 Wife b. Brecon
Annie Palmer 24 Housemaid b. Brecon
Daisy Emily Ross Tichurst 15 Kitchen Maid b. Tunbridge Wells
Leah Watkins 28 Parlour Maid b. Cowbridge
May Clara Award 22 Serving (or sewing) maid b. Bidborough
Esther Berry 23 Cook

1921 – Moraston House Household

Edward D. Newnham b. Agra, India 1849 Indian Army Retired Colonel
Catherine Louisa Newnham b. Brecon, Wales 1853 Wife, Home Duties
Katherine H. Simpson b. Mooltan, India 1884 Visitor
Ogilvie David Bennett b. Rawalpindi, India 1885 Visitor, Indian Army Major
Audrey Elizabeth Ferrier Bennett b. Abbottabad, India 1897 Visitor
Laura May Hyans b. Lydbrook, Gloucestershire 1899 Kitchen Maid
Eleanor Brace b. Sheffield, Yorkshire 1903 Parlour Miad
Elizabeth Peters b. Woolhope, Herefordshire 1879 Housemaid
Cecilia Elizabeth Field b. Bosbury, Herefordshire 1881 Cook