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Tyberton Court was built in 1729 for William Brydges and it stayed in the family until the early 19th century when due to the lack of male heirs the property passed to a daughter, Anne Brydges, who married the Rev. Henry Lee Warner. For some years this couple were not in residence, and in 1805, Tiberton Court was advertised fully furnished for let. The term was for three years, and the advertisement stressed that whoever applied must be aware of their responsibilities in keeping the place in good order – no mean feat when there was not only the mansion house to look after, but also the gardens; hot house; fruit house and greenhouse!
*In 1809 the house was once again up for rent for a further term of three years, and given that I have found reports of the birth of a son at Tiberton Court in 1812 to the Lady of the Rev. Reginald Wynniatt, then possibly this family was the next tenant.

Reginald  Wyanniatt and Catherine Brydges, information from Cheryl  McManus

*I have been contacted by a very helpful lady, Cheryl McManus, whose ancestors are deeply embedded in Tyberton Court history; the following is what she has kindly provided and agreed to have published on the site:

Reginald Wyanniatt married his cousin, Catherine Brydges whose parents were Frances William Thomas Bridges and Ann Phillipps.

It appears that Catherine Brydges Wyanniatt inherited Tiberton Court jointly with her eldest sister Ann (who married Daniel Henry Lee-Warner, and went on to have a whopping 10 children).

On of these children was Robert Henry Lee-Warner who eventually inherited Tiberton Court, and who married Isabella Margaret Gordon, daughter of Charles David Gord of Abergeldie Castle.

The Rev. Daniel Henry Lee Warner and Tyberton Court

Henry was born in 1775, and his family history was described thus in the “Commoners of England”:
“Thomas Lee Esq. descended from the very ancient family of Lee of Cotton, Shropshire, married Anne, sister of the celebrated John Warner, Bishop of Rochester, and was father of the Venerable Archdeacon Lee, whose son Col. Henry Lee of Donjon, Canterbury, married Dorothy, daughter of Sir George Grabham Howe, bart., of Berwick St. Leonards, Wilts, of Knoll Park, Somersetshire, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Sir Harbottle Grimston, bart., of Bradfield Hall, Essex, the celebrated Speaker of the House of Commons which restored Charles II, and had a son and successor – Henry Lee Warner, Esq. of Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk, who upon the demise of his maternal uncle, Sir James Howe, bart., inherited Knoll Park and other estates. He married Miss Miles of Elmham in Norfolk, and was succeeded by his son – Henry Lee Warner Esq. of Walsingham Abbey who died leaving his estates to his cousin, Henry Woodward Esq. who was the son of Daniel Woodward, by Mary his wife, daughter of the Rev. Richard Huntley of Boxwell in Gloucestershire, by Ann, his wife, daughter of Co. Henry Lee of Donjon. Mr. Woodward assumed on inheriting, the surnames and arms of Lee Warner – he married Miss Howarth of Lancashire, and dying in 1835 was succeeded by his son, the late Rev. Henry Lee Warner”
All that is somewhat difficult to unravel unless you concentrate very hard(!), but it does show the pedigree of our Henry Lee Warner.

A Wedding at Tyberton Court

Henry didn’t stint in his generosity, and in 1844 a glorious description of the wedding at Tiberton of his eldest daughter, Margaret Anna Maria, brings to life what must have been a very lavish occasion:

The Morning of the Wedding

“At an early hour the lawn in front of the house was overspread with crowds of people; every inhabitant of the parish, with numerous respectable tradesmen from Hereford, and other well wishers to the family from far and near, having assembled to celebrate the happy day. The fair bride, habited in a beautiful white lace dress, led the way to the church, leaning on the arm of herfather and attended by the Lord Bishop of the diocese; next followed ten lovely bridesmaids, elegantly attired in dresses of pale blue; and after these came the remainder of the company, about forty in number, consisting of the principle relatives of both familes.

A carpet was extended from the house to the church, over which the procession passed, the crowd standing on either side, whilst the school children strewed the path before the feet of the bride with roses and other flowers. On reaching the church, his lordship led the way to the chancel, the floor of which was covered with crimson carpeting, and the rails of the altar being ornamented with flowers and evergreens. The ceremony was performed by his lordship in a manner highly calculated to impress the youthful couple with a sense of the weighty responsibilities to the state of life into which they were about to enter.”

After the Wedding

On returning to Tiberton House, the party sat down to sumptuous food, and Margaret’s father, Henry Lee Warner, proposed a warm and loving toast. Eventually the bride was led by her father to an open carriage which was drawn by four grey horses, who gave her a final loving kiss before the groom jumped up beside her and they were driven rapidly off amid much waving of handkerchiefs and ringing of bells, and the loud and continued cheering of all those present.
On their arrival at Madley, where the road had been decorated with arches of evergreens and flowers, and from the tower of whose church streamed flags and banners, they were warmly greeted by the assembled multitude.
A vast banquet of good old English cheer was provided for all the parishioners of Tiberton, and many more besides, after which “they tripped it lightly over the verdant meadow to the merry notes of harp and violin, til the dusk of evening warned them to quit the festive scene.”
More than forty people sat down to dinner at Tiberton Court, who then danced through the night until dawn. Meanwhile, several hogsheads of cider were given to the villagers of Peterchurch, Blakemere and Madley and all in all everyone had a jolly good time.
The newlyweds then spent a few weeks at Rendcomb, before departing for the Continent.


Henry was greatly liked and respected, and divided his time between his two seats – South Walsingham Abbey in Norfolk and Tiberton Court in Herefordshire. He managed to maintain an active entertainment programme in both places as well as being a firm Conservative, and right up until his death at the age of 82 he was described as being unusually active in both mind and body.
Shortly before his death, he summoned his large family (including eleven children) and friends to celebrate his fiftieth wedding anniversary, and was in good spirits, although he did stress that he was ready to resign himself to the Divine will. In his own gentle way, he prepared his family for his coming death.

The funeral of Rev.Henry Lee Warner – 1858

This funeral procession was described as being unlike anything see outside of London, and was a mark of how highly respected this mad was. The week commenced in Hereford with the tolling of bells and the closing of many shops, as Henry was conveyed through the city to Barrs Court Station on its way to Walsingham Abbey in Norfolk where he was to be interred. “He was universally respected both in Norfolk and in this county (Herefordshire). To the claims of his large property Mr. Lee Warner added the finer qualities of the Christian gentleman and of the benevolent neighbour; a living specimen of the honour that becomes the citizen, and as sagacious protector of the poor, amongst whom his loss will be severely felt in all the districts where he had property. The deceased gentleman was a liberal and intelligent Conservative, who was doubtless aware of the great modifications that are now requisite in that character, to keep it in unison with the progress of the public mind.”
“As the funeral procession moved from the door at Tiberton at half past 7 o’clock, where we observed the customery mutes, we were touched to see a body of about 24 cottagers from the estate, who we understood, had asked permission from the family to follow their beloved master, which they did, walking on each side of the hearse until it had passed through Madley, when the rustic mourners withdrew and left the solemn cortege to proceed on its way to Hereford. The funeral train was led by 23 of the principal tenantry on horseback, wearing black scarves, hatbands and gloves. ……..These were followed by the first mourning coach, drawn by four black horses with the usual decorations of velvet trappings and plumes……After this carriage walked to mutes in mourning cloaks, hatbands and gloves, carrying draped wands.”
The hearse was also drawn by eight black horses from the establishment of Messrs. W. and J. Bosley – the coffin was made of oak, with a lead lining and the plate was engraved “The Rev. Daniel Henry Lee Warner, born August 4th 1775. Died May 2nd 1858 in the 83rd year of his age”
The second coach contained members of the family, and the third bore his two sons, William Lee Warner and Thomas Lee Warner.
Several more coaches followed.
The funeral train arrived at Gloucester Station at half past ten, and the hearse was put on the train to Paddington, where it remained until the following morning before journeying on to Walsingham.

The end of Tyberton Court

Apart from a period in the early part of the 20th century, the Lee Warner family held Tyberton Court throughout the years, and it is rather sad that such a clearly loved family home should end up being demolished in 1952 to make way for modern buildings.


Many of the following records show the alternative spelling for Tyberton

Tyberton Court Household and servants – 1851

Daniel Henry Lee Warner 75 Proprietor of Houses and Lands b. Gloucestershire
Anne Lee Warner 63 Wife b. Tiberton Court, Herefordshire
Septimus Henry Lee Warner 31 Son, Curate of Tiberton, b. Gloucestershire
Robert Henry Lee Warner 27 Son b. Gloucestershire
William Henry Lee Warner 25 Son b. Tiberton Court, Herefordshire
Thomas Henry Lee Warner 24 Son b. Tiberton Court, Herefordshire
Ann Harriett Lee Warner 21 Daughter b. Tiberton Court, Herefordshire
Mary Isabell Lee Warner 20 Daughter b. Tiberton Court, Herefordshire
Maria Stogden 37 Housekeeper b. London
Mary Woodcock 24 Lady’s Maid b. Norfolk
Mary Ann Leal 22 Cook
Mary Cross 21 Head Housemaid b. Eaton Bishop, Herefordshire
Mary Hodges 31 Dairy Maid b. Herefordshire
Sarah Smith 20 Scullery Maid b. Tiberton, Herefordshire
Ann Phillips 40 Laundress b. All Saints, Herefordshire
Emma Dellahay 20 Under Housemaid, b. Herefordshire
John Davies 40 Butler b. Eaton Bishop, Herefordshire
James Preece 60 Gardener
John Terris 35 Head Footman b. Sussex
John Bone 47 Coachman b. Norfolk
John Caroes 32 Under Footman b. Bullingham, Herefordshire
Thomas Price 21 Head Groom b. Norfolk
Richard Longden 25 Under Groom b. Hereford
Henry Phillips 13 Page b. Herefordshire



Tyberton Court Household and servants – 1861

Robert Henry Lee Warner 37 Landed Proprietor b. Tiberton, Herefordshire
Ann Lee Warner 73 Mother, Landed Proprietress b. Tiberton, Herefordshire
William Henry Lee Eugenie Warner 35 Brother, Landed Proprietor b. Tiberton, Herefordshire
Susan Partridge 66 Visitor, Gentlewoman b. London
Thomas Abercrombie 31 Gardener b. Shifnal, Shropshire
Richard Hill 51 Butler b. St. Peters, Hereford
Jane Lloyd 41 Housekeeper b. Brockworth, Gloucestershire
Mary Grant 43 Lady’s Maid b. Bath
Mary Ann Cross 40 Housemaid b. Clehonger, Herefordshire
Sarah Davies 25 Housemaid b. Clehonger, Herefordshire
Jane Phillips 23 Kitchen Maid b. Madley, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Crump 16 Scullery Maid b. Madley, Herefordshire
Ann Phillips 50 Laundress b. St. Peters, Hereford
Ann Phillips 19 Laundress b. Madley, Herefordshire
Thomas Bond 25 Gamekeeper b. Walsingham, Norfolk
Silas Evans 30 Footman b. Tarrington,Herefordshire
William Preece 20 Groom b. St. Peters, Hereford
Joseph Stephens 30 Groom b. Berkshire
Arthur Skearme 18 Footman b. Moccas, Herefordshire
Thomas Powell 30 Coachman b. Stoke Prior, Herefordshire


Tyberton Court Household and Servants – 1871

Lee Warner 45 Brother to the Occupier b. Tiberton Court, Herefordshire
William Chisnell 34 Butler b. Suffolk
William Allexander 44 Coachman b. Oxon
Mary Allexander 43 Housekeeper b. St. Luke, Hereford
Hannah Burkes 24 Housemaid b. Herefordshire
Ann Preece 20 Kitchenmaid b. Herefordshire
James Clark 21 Footman b. Walthamstow
Thomas Kitchen 31 Groom b. Bishops Frome, Herefordshire
John David 28 Groom b. Salop



Tyberton Court Household and Servants 1881 – census

Robert Henry Lee Warner 57 Landowner and Magistrate b. Boxwell, Gloucestershire
Isabella M. Lee Warner 57 Wife b. Dulwich Hill
Jane M. Wynn 37 Cook/Housekeeper b. Devon
Elizabeth Smith 32 Lady’s Maid
Matilda Mountjoy 31 Upper Housemaid b. Cinderford, Gloucestershire
Ellen Lunbinas 14 Under Housemaid b. Aylton, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Bishop 14 Kitchenmaid b. Tiberton, Herefordshire
William Wynn 33 Coachman b. Devon
Alfred Moore 22 Footman b. Herefordshire
Leonard Godsall 16 Page b. Letton, Herefordshire
Henry Martin 17 Groom



Tyberton Court Household and Servants – 1891

Robert H. Lee Warner 67 Living on own means, b. Boxwell Gloucestershire
Isabella M. Lee Warner 67 Wife b. Dulwich, London
William Wynn 42 Gamekeeper b. Devon
Jane M. Wynn 46 Housekeeper b. Devon
Mary A. Burden 34 Lady’s Maid b. Winterbourne
Martha Pugh 21 Second Maid b. Wales
Hannah M. Brookes 22 Waitress b. Much Cowarne, Herefordshire
Sarah A. Berkeley 17 Housemaid b. Pipe cum Lyde, Herefordshire
Alvina I. Jones 12 Kitchenmaid b. Monmouth


Tyberton Court Household and Servants  – 1901

Henry Stanton 49 Living on own Means b. Thelwall, Cheshire
Gary Henry Stanton 8 Son b. South Kensington, London
Vera Margaret Stanton 5 Daughter b. Tyberton, Herefordshire
John Percy Stanton 1 Son b. Tyberton, Herefordshire
Mabel Montagnon 26 Governess b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Edith Wordley 53 Housekeeper b. Swansea, Wales
Selina Ralphs 26 Housemaid b. Woodcot, Salop
Clara Williams 22 Housemaid b. Staunton on Wye, Herefordshire
Florence Green 18 Housemaid b. Omberley, Worcestershire
Emily O’Connell 22 Cook b. Ireland
Elizabeth Johnson 22 Kitchenmaid b. Blakeney Hill, Gloucestershire
Bessie Burgess 20 Kitchenmaid b. Cheshire
Florence Hudson 28 Laundry Maid b. Sissinghurst, Kent
Ethel Staite 18 Laundry Maid b. Hereford
Emily Howard Marsh 30 Nurse b. Alderton, Suffolk
Charles Primmer 19 Footman b. Poole, Dorset
John Billingham 18 Groom b. Warwickshire
Thomas Meadows 18 Coachman b. Playden, Sussex



Tyberton Court Household and Servants – 1911

Chandos Brydges Lee Warner 47 Private Means, b. Walsingham, Norfolk
Dorothea Augusta Lee Warner 33 Wife b. Brighton, Sussex
Dorothy Jean Mary Enex Lee Warner 13 Student b. Brighton, Sussex
Olive Irene Welhelenina Lee Warner 10 b. Brighton, Sussex
Ellen Thirtle 48 Nurse b. Aylsham, Norfolk
Wilhelmina Lloyd 48 Parlour Maid b. Stourport
Edith Emma Harden 33 Housemaid b. Norwich
Ethel May Powell 25 Nursery Maid b. Hereford
Ada Emmeline Hynsley 15 Kitchenmaid b. Wormbridge, Herefordshire
Eleanor Morris 14 Lady’s Maid b. Hereford
Martha Lewis 26 Cook b. Montgomeryshire
Dorothy Maud Thomas 31 Laundry Maid b. Hereford
Walter Robert Western 22 Chauffeur b. Norfolk
Ernest Richard Sydney Harden 24 Under Gardener b. Norwich

Tyberton Court Household – 1921


Chandos B. Lee-Warner b. Norfolk 1863 J.P. Major Gloucester Reg. retired
Dorothea Lee-Warner b. Brighton, Sussex 1876 Wife
Jean Lee-Warner b. Brighton, Sussex 1900 Daughter
Irene Lee-Warner b. Brighton, Sussex 1902 Daughter
Ellen Smith b. Norfolk 1863 Servant
Ethel Gaskell b. Broughton, Lancashire 1895 Servant
Olive Gaskell b. Broughton, Lancashire 1896 Servant
Elizabeth Rowland b. Hereford 1904 Servant