Upper Court is a square built farm house which dates from the sixteenth century, and which was extended in the late seventeenth century.











ullingswick 2








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Down the years Upper Court was let to farmers; the turnover being fairly regular. When it was advertised for let once again in 1911, it was described as follows:
Four reception rooms; nine bedrooms; bathrooms, (hot and cold) and usual offices. Stables, hunting and shooting.
Upper Court is now a bed and breakfast venue


1841 – Upper Court Household

Edward Bowers 65 Farmer
Robert Bowers 20
Elizabeth Bowers 60
Frederick Berkeley 15
Joseph Gwilliam 10 Agricultural labourer
Ann Woodyate 15

1851 – Upper Court Household

Thomas Vale 50 Farmer b. Kimbolton, Herefordshire
Maria Vale 50 Wife b. Edvin Ralph, Herefordshire
James Evans 26 Son in law, wagoneer b. Much Cowarne, Herefordshire
Ann Evans 26 Sister, employed in the house b. Edvin Ralph, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Evans 4 mths Daughter of above b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire

1861 – Upper Court Household

Phebe Wagstaff 39 Widow, farmer’s wife b. Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Lewis 23 Daughter b. Much Cowarne, Herefordshire
William Lewis 28 Son in law, carpenter b. Bishops Frome, Herefordshire
John Wagstaff 16 Son b. Much Cowarne, Herefordshire
Sarah Alice Wagstaff 14 Daughter b. Much Cowarne, Herefordshire
Maria Lewis 30 mths Grand daughter b. Bishops Frome, Herefordshire
George Cooper 19 Carter b. Ashburton, Herefordshire

1871 – Upper Court Household

Edwin Argee 37 Farmer b. Suckley, Worcestershire
Mary A. Argee 35 Wife b. Whitbourne, Worcestershire
Elizabeth Argee 15 Daughter, domestic servant b. Cradley, Herefordshire
Mary Ann Argee 14 Daughter b. Cradley, Herefordshire
Edwin Argee 11 Son b. Cradley, Herefordshire
William Argee 9 Son b. Cradley, Herefordshire
Samuel J. Argee 8 Son b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire
John Argee 5 Son b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire
Althera Argee 2 Daughter b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire
Harriet Argee 3 mths Daughter b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire


1881 – Upper Court Household

J. J. Benbow 32 Farmer b. Edvin Ralph, Herefordshire
Louisa Benbow 20 Wife b. Norton, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Benbow 63 Mother, annuitant b. Edvin Ralph, Herefordshire
William Beach 58 Farm labourer b. Shropshire
William Price 20 Farm labourer b. Wacton, Herefordshire

1901 – Upper Court, Herefordshire

Christopher H. Ware 39 Farmer b. Ullingswick
Louise Ware 30 Wife b. Swindon, Wiltshire
Basil Ware 4 Son b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire
Christopher J. Ware 2 Son b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire
Mary J. Ware 10mths Daughter b. Ullingswick, Herefordshire
Emily Greenway 21 Cook b. Little Cowarne, Herefordshire
Sarah Greenway 17 Nurse b. Little Cowarne, Herefordshire