St Andrew’s church at Bredwardine is an early Norman church with many interesting features and sits in a glorious position near to the River Wye. A notable vicar was the Victorian diarist, Francis Kilvert who held the position from 1877 until 1879.
The beautiful wooden Reredos behind the altar is a memorial to Caroline Broome-Giles, the daughter of a local doctor

Bredwardine - Herefordshire - St. Andrew - exterior









Bredwardine - Herefordshire - St. Andrew - interior









The tower of this church is in a somewhat strange position, and it encroaches on the nave on the north side, which looks a little odd from inside.  However, it is thought that the tower is perhaps of an age before the rest of the church, and it could have been a watch tower for the nearby castle (now non existent), with a small chapel attached.


The font at St. Andrews is late 12th century  is huge and is carved from a single block of stone.  The oak cover is of a later date, around 17th century

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Walter Baskerville

A damaged effigy, dating around late 14th century, thought to be Walter Baskerville (Lord of the Manor) who died in 1369 and would seem to have been huge!




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Sir Roger Vaughan

Alabaster effigy, believed to be Sir Roger Vaughan who died defending King Henry V at the battle of Agincourt in 1415.


Bredwardine - Herefordshire - St. Andrew - effigy









Henry Davies

Henry Davies, died 30th November 1770 aged 73; also Margaret his wife who died 11th March 1788 aged 87, and Catherine their daughter who died 7th July 1762 aged 29



Bredwardine - Herefordshire - St. Andrew - memorial plaque