St. Mary’s church at Little Birch is set in beautiful secluded surroundings, and is the third church to be built on the site.

By 1840, the church at the time was dilapidated and damp, and far too small to accommodate the population of Little Birch.  It was considered to be totally unsuitable for reasonable enlargement or improvement so it was decided that a new church would have to be built.

However, the villagers were mostly very poor indeed, and it was said that “the ignorance and moral depravity of the people are very far below the average of country parishes”.  Only about one in ten of the adults were able to read.

The appeal for funds was therefore directed to those who were wealthy enough to contribute.

The present church is Victorian, and was funded by the Rector in 1869, Stephen Thackwell.



The font dates from the mid 13th century.




Little_Birch_Herefordshire - St. Mary - exterior