This dear, simple little church is now sadly redundant but it is one of around 300 churches throughout England which are looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.

In  August 1831, one of the church bells was stolen and taken a fair distance to be hidden under an archway.  Fortunately, it was discovered and put back in the church.

St Mary’s was restored in the nineteenth century and reopened in July 1867.

The service was choral performed by the Mansel Lacy choir, and Miss Elmer played the harmonium.

The windows were filled with stained and quarry glass at the expense of Mr. Boughton Knight, and the roof, walls and windows were restored;  there were new open seats and a new porch.



Wormsley - Herefordshire - St. Mary - exterior










Wormsley - Herefordshire - St. Mary - interior 2











Wormsley - Herefordshire - St. Mary - interior











12th century, although it is thought that the base may have been altered at some time



Wormsley - Herefordshire - St. Mary - font