This is a fascinating little church, and was reputedly built by Richard le Bret in around 1210 as a penance for being one of the murderers of Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. After the reformation, Becket was no longer considered a saint, but because of its remote location (and believe me, it really is remote!) it escaped the attention of the royal commisioners. It is one of only four churches in the country to have retained the name.














Huntington nr Kington interior resized













The font at St. Thomas a Becket Church is 14th century
















Arabella Charlotte Romilly

Arabella Charlotte Romilly, daughter of the 9th Earl of Southesk and wife of Samuel Henry Romilly of Huntington Park. Died 14th February 1907. Also, Samuel Henry Romilly, born 4th September 1849 and died 14th March 1940



Huntington_(Nr_Kington)_Herefordshire_St_Thomas_a_Becket_Romilly memorial plaque










Memorials to the Watkins family – left hand, William Watkins died 19th May 1833 aged 68. Top middle, Mary Watkins wife of William, died March 1801 aged 39. Bottom, John son of William and Mary, died 6th February 1821 aged 26



Huntington_(Nr_Kington)_Herefordshire_St_Thomas_a_Becket - Watkins memorial plaque



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