Snippets of news from Brinsop’s past

1844 – Reward offered for information on fire starter at Brinsop

£100 and a free pardon to any accomplice of the incendiary was offered.

“Whereas some evil disposed person or persons did, about the hour of four o’clock in the morning of Friday 19th January, wilfully and maliciously set fire to a barn and other buildings at Brinsop, in the occupation of Mr. Thos. Lewis, whereby the same were entirely destroyed.

Any person who will give such information to Mr. George Adams, Superintendent of the Police Force as shall lead to the apprehension and conviction of the offender or offenders will, upon such conviction, be paid a reward of fifty pounds by John Lee Esq. the proprietor of the premises, and fifty pounds by Her Majesty’s government.

A free pardon will be granted to any accomplice, except the person who actually set fire to the premises!