Riverside tales

1826 – Don’t Trust the Wife

John Jones of Goodrich posted a notice in the papers cautioning the public not to trust his wife Sylvia Jones.

He said that he would not be accountable for any debts she contracted after the notice which was posted on 5th March 1826

1844 – Illegal Salmon Fishing

Thomas Williams of Goodrich was summoned before the Bench for using an illegal mesh net to fish for salmon in the River Wye.

He was fined five pounds.

The good people of Goodrich were not deterred by fines in those days – there was many a case of men being charged with illegal salmon fishing.

1848 – Goodrich Ferry Accident

Mrs. Mary Bampfield, a 25 year old with three children lived at the Ferry Boat Inn at Goodrich with her husband.  She often ferried people over the Wye and was fairly experienced having done it for three years or so.

On 17th March 1848  Mary took two men over the river which was low and calm, but there was always a strong current and the Ferry Boat Inn side was quite difficult to land a boat on.  One of Mary’s children saw her fall out of the boat near the bank, but by the time helpers rushed to the water she had disappeared, and although they dragged the bottom for some time they found nothing.

Mary’s body was eventually recovered some weeks later.

1855 – Boat Tour of the Wye

Pleasure boat trips are nothing new!

The public boat to Goodrich Court and Castle sailed from Ross on Wye daily at midday, with a fare of 1s each.

The pleasure boat proprietor was Joseph Evans

1862 – Goodrich Ferry Back in Use

The ferry boat was once again running due to Dr. Jones who laboured to this effect.

It was immediately well used and the public were hugely grateful, although the roads on either side of the river crossing were in bad repair.  Dr. Jones put his energies into doing something about it.