News from the past of Downton on the Rock is thin on the ground

1862 – Fatal Accident at Downton on the Rock

During the course of the erection of a spire at the new church at Downton on the Rock, one man died and two others were badly injured.


Mr. and Mrs. Knight of Downton Castle had donated the cost of the spire, and five men were working more than 60 feet up when one of the stays gave way and the derrick at the top of the tower collapsed taking part of the scaffolding and three of the men with it.


Richard Roberts died within minutes – he was a single man;  the other two men, Charles Harris and Thomas Woodhouse were cared for by Henry Hodges, a Ludlow surgeon and J. Jacman of Leintwardine before being carried to the Castle for further care, and they were expected to make a full recovery.

1843 – Duck Stealing at Downton on the Rock

William Yapp was given eighteen months imprisonment for stealing ducks at Downton on the Rock