Accidents at Sollers Hope

1847 – Death of William Dallow

William Dallow, aged 34, was thatching a rick for Mr. Mailes of Sollers Hope.

William had put a ladder against the rick, and was standing with one foot on the rick and the other on the top of the ladder – the ladder slipped and he fell heavily to the ground, injuring the top of his spine so severely that he died five days later.

1864 – Accident to Young Farm Worker

A lad of only 9 years of age, Charles Williams, was in the employ of Mr. Payne, the Falcon, Sollers Hope and was driving a horse chaff cutting machine.

He wanted to stop the horses, and had to get off the machine to do so, but caught his foot in one of the cog wheels.

He was immediately taken to Hereford Infirmary, where they discovered that he had very badly broken bones in his foot, but after skilful treatment by the surgeon he progressed well.