Station improvements and fatal injuries etc.

 1889 – Withington Flower Show

Having held a very successful  horticultural exhibition in 1888, Withington decided to go bigger and better in 1889.

The show was held in the Whitestone Meadow, with floral exhibits being shown in a large marquee.

A special feature of the exhibition was a good collection of honey in the comb;  in sections and in jars, shown by Mr. W. Smith, Butler at Thingehill.

The cottagers’ class attracted wonderful vegetables, with potatoes showing strongly.

Among other exhibits were lovely wild flower collections, some being made up into the shape of a church, and others a house etc.

It was reported that the specimens shown were of superior quality to most shows of the kind, and the entries were well up on the previous year.

Other Attractions at the Flower Show

Elsewhere on the field the band of the 4th Battalion K.S.L.I under Mr. W. James played a good selection of music.

1900 – Railway Station at Withington Improved

It was said that for some time the accommodation at Withington Station had been insufficient, so the Railway Company carried out many improvements.

1901 – Fatal Injury on hay stack at Withington

Mr. William Mellins who occupied White House Farm at Withington lost his balance whilst standing on a pile of hay, and fell of awkwardly.

William suffered a severe back injury and he died the following morning.