Acton Beauchamp was originally in Worcestershire, but became part of Herefordshire in 1897.Like most other Herefordshire villages it was, and still is mostly a farming community, with many of the cottages being from the 17th and 18th centuries although there is some more modern build there too.

Acton Beauchamp gained its name from the Beauchamp family who owned the manor, and is situated on a hill

The Roaring Water

At one time there was a very old farm house adjacent to a rather spasmodic spring, The Roaring Water, and near to this grew a holy thorn which was reputed to be a scion of the one at Glastonbury and which came into flower on Christmas Eve. So many people traipsed over the farmer’s land in order to see this, that he lost patience and destroyed the thorn – after which act he had a rather nasty accident and broke both his arm and his leg. Shortly afterwards, his farm burnt to the ground! If any genealogist reading this knows that this farmer was their ancestor, then I would love to hear from you.

Churches of Acton Beauchamp

  • St. Giles Church - Acton Beauchamp

    This lovely church in Acton Beauchamp sits on the top of a hill, with beautiful views , and although there is no proper path it was well worth the climb over the grass. The bell tower in St. Giles houses three bells, two of which are dated mid 15th century and are believed to be amongst the oldest in the country.

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People of Acton Beauchamp

News from the Past Acton Beauchamp