Callow is a small village just south of Hereford, and remains unspoiled.  Dewsall lies about five miles south of Hereford,  and is more a spread out collection of houses than a village.


Dewsall and Callow are adjoining and due to the fact that the church of St. Mary at Callow has closed, St. Michael at Dewsall serves both villages.

Ghosts in Callow

It is said that for a long time, inhabitants of Callow Farm frequently saw a small extremely distressed girl going into a bedroom;  she was finely dressed except for the fact that one little slipper was missing.  (Shades of Cinderella!).  Early in the 20th century the farm underwent alterations, and a wall in that particular bedroom was taken down………they found hidden behind it a tiny niche and within it was a little blue slipper.

Another ghost story involves Callow Farm once again – in the early part of the 1800s it was not a farm but a coaching inn.   On one occasion the coach apparently continued its journey from the coaching inn minus one of the passengers with no explanation.  However,  since then people have been seen at night struggling to carry an unwieldy object down the road to a house on Callow Hill, before returning without their burden, but the house no longer exists.

Churches of Callow with Dewsall