For those with ancestors from Garway, you may be interested to know that the name derives from “gwrwe” meaning a marsh, or from “gwre” meaning a camp, and “wy” or “wey” meaning water. Therefore – a camp by the water.

. The area is surely Herefordshire at its best, and Garway sits on a bank above the river Monnow which forms the border between England and Wales. This was, and still is very much a farming community with many of the farmhouses being very old indeed, and although the population has shrunk somewhat in the past 100 years, there used to be enough people to warrant a Post Office, Forge and shop. The tower of the church may not only have been used as a refuge for villagers when the enemy from over the border threatened their peace, but also as a prison…….the ground floor of the tower is still known as the “prison” to this day.

Churches of Garway

  • St. Michael's Church - Garway

    Garway church of St. Michael is one of only 6 Knights Templar churches in England still in regular use. This church (and lands) were given to the Knights Templars in the reign of Henry 11 (around 1170).

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