The village of How Caple lies close to the River Wye some four and a half miles from Ross on Wye.

Churches of How Caple

  • St. Andrew with St. Mary's Church - How Caple

    The church at How Caple is dedicated to St. Andrew and dates from the thirteenth century; set in woodland, it was extensively renovated in the late 17th century by Sir William Cope Gregory.
    One of the most interesting parts is a 16th century German diptych which has been full restored.

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Buildings in How Caple

  • How Caple Court History

    How Caple Court started life as a modest farm house, and it was not until much later that it was extended and improved until it became the house we can see today. Interestingly, it was called How Caple Court even back in the 18th century when it was not very grand at all.

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News from the Past How Caple