The village of Kentchurch lies on the River Monmow on the border with Monmouth and 12 miles from Hereford.

It is famous for being the meeting place of  “Jack of Kent” who was a sort of mythical Welsh Dr. Faustus who baffled even the devil and who constantly outsmarted him in bargains and challenges

Churches of Kentchurch

  • St. Mary's Church - Kentchurch

    St. Mary’s Church at Kentchurch was rebuilt in 1859 by the Scudamores of Kentchurch Court, but retained the 13th century style. Some features from the original church were used, including a monument to John Scudamore 1616 which also shows his family in the shape of his wife and ten children.

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Buildings in Kentchurch

  • Kentchurch Court History

    Kentchurch Court dates back to the 14th century and has been the home of the Scudamore family for all of its long life, currently being cared for by the latest in the long line of Lucas-Scudamores.

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News from the Past Kentchurch