Shobdon lies some seven miles from Leominster.

Shobdon has a thriving airfield with a fascinating history dating back to WW2. In 1940 due to the urgent need for more airfields a new one was made between Shobdon and Pembridge in the north of Herefordshire; the runways were grass, and it was the immediate home for Westland Lysander and Fairey Battle support planes.
The following year the airfield saw the addition of buildings and hangars, and the runway was upgraded and widened. It was then renamed Shobdon Airfield.
Once the work was completed, No. 5 Glider Training School arrived, and it became a hugely important contribution to training glider pilots during the war.

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  • Shobdon Court History

    Shobdon Court was built in the early 18th century when it was bought from Robert Chaplin by Sir James Bateman, and was similar in design to Clarendon House in London; it was hugely improved in the mid 1800s, and then further altered towards the end of the 19th century.

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