The Lacy part of this village’s name comes from Walter de Lacy who was killed in 1085 falling from his new church in Hereford. He had vast estates all over Herefordshire, and these passed to his son Roger. However, Stoke Lacy is probably best known these days for its associations with the Morgan family and their wonderful cars. H.F.S. Morgan, (Harry) son of the Rev. Preb. H. Morgan, built Stoke House for his sister Dorothy in around 1930 although she never lived there, and many of the cottages were occupied by employees of Harry, including the Grooms Cottage where groom Albert Baskerville (living there with his half sister) had to reinvent himself as a chauffeur!
Prebendary Henry Morgan was Rector for fifty years (1887 -1937) following his father who was Rector from 1871 to 1887.
Legend has it that the first prototype of the glorious Morgan motor car was made in the garage at the Rectory by Harry Morgan.


Churches of Stoke Lacy

  • St. Peter & St. Paul Church - Stoke Lacy

    The delightful church of St. Peter & St. Paul possibly has its origins in the 13th century but was restored in 1863 by F.R. Kempson, the Rector. His family is related to the acting family of the Redgraves

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