Sutton St. Nicholas lies about 4 miles outside Hereford and was once two parishes – Sutton St. Nicholas and Sutton St. Michael – but these were brought together in 1876 although both churches remain in use.
It is home to an interesting legend. Not far from the village, close to the side of the road, is the Wergin Stone – which in fact is two stones. There have been many suggestions as to its possible age and use, but nobody is certain as to either although it is believed that it may have been used as a flood mark. The rough stone is nearly five feet tall, and is set in an irregular pentagonal base.
The Wergin Stone is also known as “The Devil’s stone” and the story goes that in the 17th century the Devil moved the two stones some 240 paces during the night, and it took a team of 9 oxen to put it back where it belonged.
Just south of the village is the remains of an iron age fort, Sutton Walls, where King Offa had a splendid palace. Skeletons have been found on the site, many of them clearly showing a violent death.


Churches of Sutton St. Nicholas