The village of Vowchurch lies in the beautiful Golden Valley close to the River Dore.

There is a charming legend which explains how Vowchurch, and the neighbouring parish of Turnastone  came to be named (this version written in 1899)

“Some three centuries ago, two maiden ladies resolved to build a church available for two adjoining parishes, but not agreeing as to its site they fell to words, the elder lady exclaiming “”I vow I will build my church before you have turned a stone of yours””


Churches of Vowchurch

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People of Vowchurch

  • Philpot

    The Philpot Family

    (Variously recorded as Fellpotts; Felpot; Phellpots; Phillpotts; Philpotts; Philpot; Philpots and Phillpot.)

    Whilst there are snippets of information about the Philpot family in historical records, there is no indication that anyone has studied this family in any great detail, despite their role in local and national politics, and their links to those who feature prominently in the County’s history.

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