In 1725 the Pateshall family bought Allensmore Court and it remained in their family until it was demolished in 1957 following the death of the last of the family line.

The Pateshalls of Allensmore Court

Throughout their years at Allensmore Court, the Pateshall family proved themselves to be kind and generous – indeed, they donated most of the money needed to restore the church in 1880, and Evan Pateshall donated the land for the building of a village school in 1870. (The school closed in 1957, but the building is now used as a village hall).

Servants were clearly well treated and many remained loyal for many years – in 1863 it was reported that Henry Neat, aged 43, died after many years being the faithful servant of Mrs. Burnam Pateshall; then in 1859, Mrs. Elizabeth Harper died at Allensmore Court aged 53, being described as “the faithful and attached servant of Mrs. Burnam Pateshall”.
In 1939, Alfred Kitson of Hereford, died aged 74 and the headlines were “Faithful Servant – Family Tribute to Dead Employee.” It went on to say that for 60 years he worked in the gardens at Allensmore Court, and served three generations of the Pateshall family, including Lt. Col. Evan P. Pateshall (died 1912) and Col. Henry Evan Pateshall, Deputy Lieutenant for Herefordshire and Chairman of the County Territorial Association.

Rear Admiral Nicholas Lechmere Pateshall

Nicholas was the fourth son of Edmund Pateshall, born 13th September 1781. He survived his elder brother, Edmund Burnam Pateshall and succeeded to his estates in 1848. He remained on active service until 1816, being engaged in many distinguished actions. He died 18th October 1854

Evan Pateshall

Evan was the youngest son of David Thomas of Radnorshire, and was born December 1817. He was educated in Shrewsbury, and then King’s College London. He became a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for Herefordshire as well as for Brecon and Radnor. He commanded one of the companies of the Hereford Rifle Volunteers’
Evan married Anne Elizabeth in 1842, she being the only child of William Pateshall. He took on the name Pateshall in 1855.
He died on April 9th 1885 aged 67.

Miss Alice Muriel Pateshall

I do love descriptions of weddings, and Alice’s in 1915 sounded lovely.
“A very pretty and fashionable wedding, and one of considerable interest to West Suffolk was solemnised at St. Mary’s Church, Kington, Herefordshire, when Mr. Windsor Duncan Parker, son of the late Duncan Parker J.P. and of Mrs. Parker, Clopton Hall, Woolpit, Suffolk, was married to Miss Alice Muriel Pateshall, daughter of the late Lieut. Col. Henry Evan Pateshall of Allensmore Court, Hereford. Owing to the war, the marriage took place very quietly. The ceremony was performed by the Lord Bishop of Hereford, assisted by the Rev. R. Pelly. The bride, who was given away by her mother, Mrs. Pateshall, was charmingly attired in a gown of silver toned charmeuse draped with an exquisite old Brussels lace shawl to form an Empire coat, with sprays of myrtle and orange flowers and Brussels net veil. She carried a beautiful bouquet of white carnations, lilies of the valley and white heather, and wore a pearl and diamond necklet, the gift of the bridegroom. There were no bridesmaids; the bride’s mother wore a gown of soft lavender brocade of simple design, with a beautiful blonde lace fichu draped with a velvet flower. Mrs. Duncan Parker, the bridegroom’s mother was attired in black charmeuse draped with black lace.


Allensmore Court Household and servants 1851 census

Millborough Burnam Pateshall 67 b. Barford, Shropshire
Elizabeth Harford 45 Cook/Housekeeper
Emma Robert 22 Kitchenmaid, b. Peterchurch, Herefordshire
Catherine Preece 24 Housemaid, b. Madley, Herefordshire
John Baker 21 Footman, b. Herefordshire
Henry Neal 30 Coachman, b. Lugwardine, Herefordshire


 Allensmore Court Household and servants 1861 census

Evan Pateshall 44 Magistrate and land owner, b. Radnorshire
Ann E. Pateshall 46 Wife, b. Hereford
Elizabeth Pateshall 68 Mother in law;  funds holder, b. Kings Pyon, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Bray 44 House Servant, b. Stretton Sugwas, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Price 27 House servant, b. Breconshire
Thomas Straffan 25 Groom, b. Northumberland
Mary Ann Woolford 25 House Servant, b. Burghill, Herefordshire
Margaret Williams 22 House Servant, b. Hereford



Allensmore Court Household and servants 1871 census


Evan Pateshall 53 Magistrate and land owner, b. Radnorshire
Anne E. Pateshall 56 Wife, b. Herefordshire
Elizabeth Pateshall 78 Mother in Law and fund holder, b. Kings Pyon, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Bray 54 Housekeeper, b. Stretton Sugwas, Herefordshire
Sarah Gwalkin 37 Ladies’ Maid, b. Kilpeck, Herefordshire
Sarah J. Hinton 27 Housemaid, b. Holme Lacy, Herefordshire
Ann Griffiths 19 Kitchen Maid, b. Pipe and Lyde, Herefordshire
Isabella Dearden 19 Housemaid, b. Breconshire
William Vizard 18 Footman, b. Broadway, Worcestershire


Allensmore Court Household and servants 1881 census


Evan Pateshall 63 Magistrate and land owner, b. Radnor
Anne E Pateshall 66 Wife, b. Hereford
Essex Holcombe 34 Nephew, not engaged in any profession, b. Pembroke
Elizabeth Bray 64 Housekeeper, b. Stretton Sugwas, Herefordshire
Ellen Terry 25 Parlour Maid, b. Somerset
Louisa Snook 21 Housemaid, b. Glamorgan
Alice Williams 19 Kitchen maid, b. Abbeydore, Herefordshire

 Allensmore Court Household and servants 1891 census

Anne E. Pateshall 76 Widow, living on own means, b. Hereford
Essex Holcombe 44 Nephew, Secretary, b. Pembroke
Catherine Holcombe 77 Sister in law, living on own means, b. Radnorshire
Mary E.T. Holcombe 36 Niece, living on own means, b. Pembroke
Elizabeth Bray 74 Housekeeper, b. Herefordshire
Eliza Fickling 27 Parlour Maid, b. Norfolk
Sarah Pugh 23 Housemaid, b. Glasbury
Mary Ann Cooke 24 Kitchen Maid, b. Hereford
Herbert Burghall 15 Page, b. Allensmore, Herefordshire

Allensmore Court Household and servants 1901 census

Anne E. Pateshall 86 Widow, b. Hereford
Eliza J. Horn 59 Visitor
Eliza J. Burridge 37 Housekeeper, b. Somerset
Harriet M. Preece 32 Housemaid, b. Goodrick, Herefordshire
Edith C. Preece 25 Parlour Maid, b. Goodrich, Herefordshire
Bertha Lane 24 Housemaid, b. Hereford
Ellen Parsons 15 Kitchen Maid, b. Gloucester
Samuel Davies 15 Page, b. Eardisley, Herefordshire