Elton Hall was rebuilt in the mid 18th century, although it kept the bones of an earlier half timbered house, and Elton estate was in the occupation of Thomas Andrew Knight, who was an important agricultural and horticulture developer. At Elton he created a walled garden where he performed some of his many experiments with fruit trees etc. More about Thomas Andrew Knight can be found here at Downton Castle.

In 1836 John Caesar Hawkins was at Elton Hall, and he married Louisa Georgiana Letitia. John was the eldest son of Sir John Caesar Hawkins Bart.

Captain Joseph Baker R.N.

In 1841 Captain Joseph Baker R.N was in residence although whether this was before or after the family shown on the census below I do not know;  he was born in 1767 and became an officer in the Royal Navy.

At the age of 20 he joined HMS Europa, where he was picked by George Vancouver to be  be 3rd Lieutenant on HMS Discovery,  with Peter Puget 2nd Lieutenant – these two were to become firm lifelong friends.  They set out for a round the world survey, and Joseph Baker turned out to be an excellent surveyor and chartmaker.  After the mapping of the Pacific Northwest Coast during this expedition,  a large volcano was named after him, being dubbed Mount Baker.

At times during this voyage Joseph Baker commanded Discovery, and it was he who brought her back to the Thames on completion of their five year mission.

John saw further Naval service in the Baltic, and was captain of Tartar – a ship which eventually came to a sticky end.   Although there was a court martial, Captain Baker and all officers and crew were honourably acquitted.  He was never again to go to sea but remained good friends with Puget who lived nearby.

He married Elizabeth Weverman in 1797, and they had 9 children.

He died in 1817 in Presteigne, Radnorshire.

The Salwey Family

The Salwey family owned Elton Hall for a great many years, although for much of the time the house was rented out and it seems that they rarely lived there themselves, preferring instead to reside at nearby Moor Park in the Ludlow district.
Alfred Salwey born 1841 and aged 21 married Margaret Frances Salwey aged 22 in 1862, citing Elton Hall as his residence at the time.
After the marriage, Alfred and his new wife returned to EltonHall,where the tenantry and various gentlemen had formed a cavalcade to meet and welcome them home. The hills were alive with the music from a rustic band and triumphal arches were decorated and covered in flags. When the happy couple arrived at the Hall, toasts were drunk to them following which Alfred thanked everyone for their kind greetings. A dinner was provided for the tenantry at the house of Mr. T. Griffiths, and in the afternoon the wives and children of the poor were given tea and cake.

After the family and a few friends had eaten at the Hall, dancing commenced and continued until the early hours.

Alfred Salwey died in 1902

Colonel John Colvin

In 1842 a very interesting man in the shape of  Colonel John Colvin was in residence having retired from the Bengal Engineers.

He was born in Scotland in 1794, and at the age of 15 John went to India where he joined the Bengal Enginners and went on to serve for 27 years during which time he fought in two battles.  Whilst there he also gained the title of Father of Indian Irrigation due to his involvement in the building of canals in northern India and after proving himself a excellent enginner, was made Superintendent of the Delhi canals.

Whilst in India John Colvin developed an interest in fossils, and many that he found he gave to museums both in Bengal and Britain.

On his return to England in 1838 he met and married a Herefordshire girl,  Josephine Puget Baker,  and threw himself into Herefordshire life doing so many wonderful things for the County.

John Colvin took an active interest in the running of the Ludlow Workhouse and became a JP at Wigmore;  he built a school at Leintwardine and was Secretary of the Ludlow Natural History Society.  He was also made a Companion of the Order of the Bath in the 1838 Coronation Honours.

It seems incredible that he had any free time, but it seems that he did and spent it growing prize vegetables and fishing.

John Colvin died in 1871.



Elton Hall for Rent

In 1846 an advertisement described Elton Hall thus:
“To be let furnished, Elton Hall with or without the exclusive right of sporting over upwards of 900 acres of land and extensive woods.
The house consists of a large entrance hall; drawing room; dining room and study, with four best bedrooms and dressing rooms, and three other good bedrooms. Spacious kitchen, Brewhouse, servants’ hall and other excellent offices and servants’ apartments. Coach houses and stables for eight or ten horses. The parish church is near to the house and Elton Hall is within five miles of Ludlow and stands in a healthy situation commanding extensive views over surrounding beautiful country between Downton Castle and Wigmore.


1860 The Coming of Age of Edward Salwey’s Daughter

When the daughter of Edward Salwey reached her coming of age the event was celebrated both at Elton Hall and Abbey Grange at Wigmore, both of these having been inherited by Miss Salwey and her sister Harriet.
The cottagers’ wives were presented with tea and plum cake on the Monday evening, and on Tuesday the peasantry arrived – dressed in their holiday clothes and wearing neat rosettes. Both villages were heavily decorated with flags, and a lively band played music. From an early hour, a cannon proclaimed the importance of the day, and bread and beef was given to all the cottagers. The villagers dined on a whole sheep roasted outside and cider flowed liberally as many rustic sports were entered into with great good humour. A huge bonfire was lit on one of the hills as dark descended, and so ended in all the simplicity and happiness of rural life, the day when Miss Salwey reached 21.

The next evening, a ball was given at Elton Hall for the tenantry and their friends and it was very well attended.


In 1909 W.J. Lowe was in residence


1841 – Elton Hall Household

William Griffiths 25 b. Herefordshire
Elizabeth Griffiths 25 Wife
Harriet Griffiths 3 Daughter b. Herefordshire
John Griffiths 1 Son b. Herefordshire


1871 – Elton Hall Household

Harriet Salwey 65 Landowner b. London, Middlesex
Charles E.S. Custance 7 Grandson b. London, Middlesex
Lousia G.S. Hawkins 55 Sister, landowner b. Ashford Bowdler, Salop
Charlotte Laing 51 Visitor, annuitant b. Essex
Sarah Cane 37 Nurse B. Warminster, Wiltshire
Emma Epsley 41 Nurse b. Deal, Kent
Mary Maund 50 Housekeeper b. Brimfield, Herefordshire
Margaret Davies 28 Lady’s Maid b. Elton, Herefordshire
Harriet Lewis 19 Parlour Maid b. Cradley, Worcestershire
Janet Nairn 19 Housemaid b. Lyonshall, Herefordshire
Sarah M. Town 15 Kitchen Maid b. Dilwyn, Herefordshire
James Buckingham 17 Groom b. Oxen, Northumberland


1911 – Elton Hall Household

Harriet G. King 64 Widow, private means b. Liverpool, Lancashire
Eleanor F. Goist 47 Widow, visitor b. Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth Haynes 36 Housemaid b. Herefordshire
Beatrice Abberley 22 General Domestic Servant b. Radnorshire, Wales