Gatley Park along with the manor of Leinthall Starkes were originally owned by the Crown and the park itself goes back to the Middle Ages, but at the beginning of Elizabeth l reign they were given to one William Home; from him through the Croft family until they were conveyed in 1633 to Sir Sampson Eure, a President of the Coucil in the Marches.
Lying just outside the village of Leinthall Earls, the house was rebuilt in the early 17th century, and many improvements and enlargements were made in both the 19th and 20th centuries.
When Sir Sampson’s son died, his widow sold Gatley Park to Philip Dunne in 1678 and the Dunne family kept possession down the centuries – as far as I know they still own it now.

The Dunne Family of Gately Park

Originally from Wales, the Dunne family possessed land on the Welsh border, but once they had bought Gatley Park they concentrated on Leinthall, improving and enlarging their estates.

Captain Martin Dunne

In 1899 Captain Martin Dunne married the Hon. Daphne Rendel at St. Margarets church, Westminster. The bride wore a wedding gown of rich white satin duchesse, draped in Empire fashion with chiffon and Brussels lace, caught in with a belt of ermine and finished with a trail of orange blossoms.
Her full court train was lined with satin and had many tiny frills of fine gauze. She also wore a unique tulle veil over a wreath of orange blossom and a lovely pearl necklace, and carried a bouquet of rare exotic flowers tied with white satin streamers.
Daphne had 8 bridesmaids, who wore white Irish poplin, trimmed with fichus of deep cream lace and chiffon and edge with mink fur. They had yokes of lace over drawn chiffon with long sashes of pale blue crepe de chine, and white picture hats lined with tucked blue chiffon and trimmed with brown ostrich feathers.
The Captain and his lady later retired to Clumberhurst House in Guildford lent by the sister of the bride, before travelling to Cannes for their honeymoon.

1858 Thomas Dunne’s Gamekeeper

Thomas Partington, Gamekeeper to Thomas Dunne and living at Gatley Cottage, already had three children under four years old when his wife gave birth to triplets, all of which were strong and healthy.
The vicar of Aymestrey, the Rev. J. Rogers, along with some local ladies, began raising money to help the family live more comfortably, and others were soon encouraged to help.

Sir Thomas Dunne

Sir Thomas Dunne was Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire, and held the office from 1977 until 2008. He was also made a Knight Commander of the Royal Victoria Order.
When he retired from the post of Lord Leiutenant, some 2000 people gathered at Hereford Cathedral to watch Sir Thomas and Lady Dunne attend the service of celebration, although most had to content themselves with standing outside.
The Dunnes were give engraved vases to mark the occasion.

Tenants of Gatley Park

W. Winnall tenanted the estate for a while in the 1800s, but on his death in 1863 at Delamere Crescent, Paddington, London aged 63, the executors of his will put all his livestock up for auction having no wish to carry on at Gatley Park.  The considerable farm stock was as follows:
70 head of pure bred Hereford Cattle
21 waggon horses; cart and nag colts
50 pigs (first quality)
Implements of husbandry, store and hogshead casks etc.
It is interesting to read what constituted necessary equipment for farming in those days, i.e.
3 Broad wheeled wagons; l narrow wagon; 5 broad and narrow wheel carts; 13 Coulter corn drill; hay machine; double cylinder Cambridge roller; horse hay rake; 2 rimmed presser; 2 land rollers; 9 iron and wood ploughs; 3 scufflers; chain and breast iron harrows and numerous other articles.

James Duggan took over the tenantry, and late in life took himself a second, very young, wife who produced several more children for him.

1841 – Gatley Park Household

William Winnall 20 Farmer
Anne Winnall 20 Wife
William Winnall
Jane Ann Winnall
Elizabeth Walker 53 Servant
Ann Ponston 20 Servant
Sarah Hawkins 20 Servant
John Lane 40 Ag. Labourer
William Mountford 20 Ag. Labourer
John Hegeson 20 Ag. Labourer

1861 – Gatley Park Household

William Winnall 61 Farmer of 500 acres  b. Shropshire
Anne Winnall 65 Wife b. Worcestershire
John Jones 19 Servant b. Burrington, Herefordshire
John Jones 16 Groom b. Wigmore, Herefordshire
Thomas Price 27 General Servant b. Yarpole, Herefordshire
Sarah Berry 29 Dairy Maid b. Aymestrey, Herefordshire

1881 – Gatley Park Household

James Duggan 64 Farmer b. Old Radnor, Radnorshire
Mary Duggan 28 Wife b. Ashleworth, Gloucestershire
Eliza A. Duggan 28 Daughter, (child of James’ previous wife?) b. Gladestry, Radnorshire
William J. Duggan 4 Son b. Kington, Herefordshire
George H. Duggan 2 Son b. Kington Herefordshire
Edward Duggan 1 Son b. Aymestrey, Herefordshire
Ann Piliner 20 Domestic Servant b. Edvin Ralph, Herefordshire
George Williams 16 Groom b. Yarpole, Herefordshire
William Youngash 23 Cowman b. Kingsland, Herefordshire
George Franks 50 Visitor b. London

1891 – Gatley Park Household

Harriet Dunne 60 Widow living on own means b. East Indies
Catherina Russell 52 Visitor living on own means b. Bombay, East Indies
John Tuffin 46 Butler b. Richmond, Surry
Elizabeth Scott 30 Lady’s Maid b. Grantham, Lincolnshire
Amelia Parry 22 Housemaid b. Hereford
Mary Jones 16 Under Housemaid b. Merrionethshire
Ellen Whittall 41 Cook Brimfield, Herefordshire

1901 – Gatley Park Household

Harriet Frances Dunne 70 Widow living on own means b. India
Gertrude Laura Russell 62 Sister, living on own means Bombay, India
Jane Morris 72 Cook b. Richards Castle, Herefordshire
Gertrude Grace Judd Tucker 23 Lady’s Maid b. Newport, Monmouthshire
Mary Berry 42 Sick Nurse/Housemaid b. Aymestrey, Herefordshire

1911 – Gatley Park Household

Harriet Frances Dunne 79 Widow living on private means b. India
Martha J. Skyrme 54 Cook b. Vowchurch, Herefordshire
Annie Cole 20 Lady’s Maid b. Madresfield, Worcestershire
Mary James 22 Parlourmaid b. Montgomeryshire
Katherine Elizabeth Russell 76 Sister, living on private means b. Bombay, India