Set in the lovely countryside on the edge of Much Marcle, Homme house in its original state was built of stone, but all that remains now of that building is the tower.  A devastating fire resulted in the house being rebuilt in the early 17th century, and it was further altered in the 19th century.  Today it is mainly red brick.

Homme House has been owned since the 17th century by the Kyrle family,  but during the second World War was used as a hospital.

In 1674  John Ernle of Burytown, Wiltshire, son of Sir John Ernle who was a Privy Councillor and also Chancellor of the Exchequeir between 1676 and 1689. married Vincentia Kyrle of Much Marcle in Herefordshire and this united the names – their daughter Constantia married but had no children, so she gave her estates to the son of her cousin, James Money.

James Money became Major in the Army, and eventually gained the post of Lieutenant Colonel;  he married Eugenia Stoughton.  Of their children, only one, William Money, survived and he married Mary Webster – they went on to have a whopping family of 13 children, only losing two along the way!  Of these children, the eldest son James Money took over the estates in 1808.  He followed the family tradition and went into the army, eventually becoming Major

Major General Sir James Money Kyrle

James was born in 1775, the son of William Money and Mary Webster;  he was given the name James Money at birth but in 1809 this was changed to James Money Kyrle by Royal Licence.  He succeeded to his father’s estates in 1808 and married in 1811, and in the same year gained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  James went on to become Colonel in 1825 and Major General in 1838 before his death in 1843.  His marriage was childless, and  so the estates passed to his brother William.

William Money Kyrle

William Money was born in 1776 and his birth name was changed to William Money Kyrle by Royal Licence in 1844.  He was ordained as Deacon in 1799, and priest in 1801.  He and his wife Emma had 8 children

William Money Kyrle

William Money Kyrle was born in 1801 at Homme House, and was the son of Reverend William Money Kyrle and Emma Down;  he was admitted to the Inner Temple and entitled to practice as a barrister, but suffered from constant ill health and was possibly a hypochondriac.  Although born William Money, he changed his name by Royal Lincence in 1843 to William Money Kyrle.  He never married and died in 1868.

John Ernle Money Kyrle

John Ernle Money Kyrle was born in 1812, the son of Reverend William Money Kyre and Emma Down and was given the name John Ernle Money at birth, this was changed to John Ernle Money Kyrle by Royal Licence.    He married twice – first Harriet Louisa Sutton in 1842 and secondly Ada Frances Simons in 1865, and eventually gained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as well as holding the office of Deputy Lieutenant of Herefordshire.


The Sudden Death of Colonel John Money Kyrle

In 1894 82 year old Colonel John Money Kyrle collapsed and died whilst dressing one Monday morning.

He had just come back from a holiday at the seaside with his family, and everyone thought that his previously poor health and greatly improved, but just before his death he once again complained of feeling unwell.

Heart disease was determined as the cause of death.

He had been a county magistrate for many years and was also Deputy Lieutenant for Herefordshire;  he was strongly Conservative in his politics and was well respected by friends and tenants alike.  He married twice, and had children by both marriages, with his son Major Audley Walter Washbourne Money Kyrle inheriting the estate.

Audley Walter Washbourne Money-Kyrle

In 1905 Major Audley Money Kyrle rented Homme House to the Dowager Lady Beauchamp for many years, and she stayed there with her two daughters, Lady Agnes and Lady Maud Lygon;  she herself was the sister of Lord Manvers.

Three years later the Major was in Much Marcle, and took the opportunity to join a shooting party at Homme House, where he unfortunately fell down dead.  He was fifty five, and left a widow and four children.


Unsolved Child Murder at Homme House

In 1863 some workmen spotted something floating in the pond at Homme House, and on investigation they discovered a baby boy.  The inquest revealed that the child was about two weeks old and had been born alive;  he seemed of healthy appearance and had been in the water some ten days, but it was strange that no effort had been made to weigh the child down.  A verdict of wilful murder was returned against some person or persons unknown.


Fatal Burning at Homme House

Agnes Jones, a 16 year old kitchen maid at Homme House was at work when a cinder feel from the range and landed on her clothing which immediately caught fire.  She immediately ran in a panic out into the hall, and Colonel Money Kyrle tried to help her by throwing her to the floor and smothering the flames.

Medical help was called for, but she was so severely burned that she was take to Ledbury Cottage Hospital, where she died from her injuries





1851 – Homme House Household

William Money Kyrle 42 Magistrate for the County of Hereford b. Exmouth
G. Money Kyrle 35 Brother, fellow of Kings College, Cambridge b. Wiltshire
John Tyler 36 Butler b. Dormington, Herefordshire
Henry Robertson 22 Footman b. Scotland
George Parker 39 Coachman b. Herefordshire
Elizabeth Dew 35 Housekeeper b. Goodrich, Herefordshire
Ann Bayley 29 Housemaid b. Mordiford, Herefordshire
Sophia Schurven 38 Dairy Maid B. Ayleton, Herefordshire





Ten years later, it was the Butler who was in charge on census day, and there are some anomalies…….Elizabeth Dew for example was 35 in 1851, and 36 in 1861;  this could have been the fault of the enumerator.   Although her place of birth appears to vary, the area is the same, as is the case with Sophia Schurven.


1861 – Homme House Household

John Tyler 46 Butler b. Dormington, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Dew 36 Cook b. Pencraig, Herefordshire
Anne Bailey 40 Housemaid b. Mordiford, Herefordshire
Sophia Schurven 49 Dairy Maid b. Yatton, Herefordshire

1871 – Homme House Household

John Ernle Money Kyrle 59 Lt. Colonel in the Army b. Clifton, Somerset
Ada Frances Money Kyrle 30 Wife, Homekeeper b. Hampstead, Middlesex
Harriet Mary Money Kyrle 22 Daughter b. Tupsley, Herefordshire
Alice Eleanor Money Kyrle 18 Daughter b. Tupsley, Herefordshire
Eugenia Emma Money Kyrle 16 Daughter b. Tupsley, Herefordshire
Rowland Lacy Money Kyrle 4 Son b. Tupsley, Herefordshire
Cecil Leigh Money Kyrle 3 Son b. Tupsley, Herefordshire
Bertha Reuscher 30 Governess b. Prussia
Eleanor Dyott 64 Visitor b. London, Middlesex
Caroline Doidge (?) 27 Visitor’s Lady’s Maid b. Cornwall
Mary Powell 51 Cook b. Canon Pyon, Herefordshire
Mary Anne Lucy Evans 27 Nurse b. Crickhowell, Breconshire
Mary Anne Morris 27 Upper Housemaid b. Wellington, Herefordshire
Harriet Tommey 24 Laundry Maid b. Herefordshire
Ellen Freer 20 Under Nursemaid b. Much Marcle, Herefordshire
Lydia Ellen Drew 20 Under Housemaid b. Linton, Herefordshire
Mary Anne Burnett 20 Kitchen Maid b. Bromyard, Herefordshire
James John Morris 38 Butler b. Worcestershire
George Frederick Hedger 19 Footman b. Arundel, Sussex
William Meek 28 Coachman b. Herefordshire


1881 – Homme House Household

John Ernle Money Kyrle 69 Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, Magistrate for County of Hereford b. Clifton, Somerset
Ada F. Money Kyrle 39 Wife b. Hampstead, Middlesex
Alice E. Money Kyrle 28 Daughter b. Hampton Bishop, Herefordshire
Eugenia E. Money Kyrle 26 Daughter b. Hampton Bishop, Herefordshire
Violet E. A. Money Kyrle 2 months Daughter b. Much Marcle, Herefordshire
Harriet M.E. Pope 32 Daughter b. Hampton Bishop, Herefordshire
Sybill M.F. Pope 5 Grand Daughter b. Blakemere, Herefordshire
Andrew W.E. Pope 2 Grandson b. Preston on Wye, Herefordshire
Eugena J. Pope 6 months Grand Daughter b. Preston on Wye, Herefordshire
Sarah A. Holmes 32 Cook b. Lincolnshire
Mary A.L. Evans 36 Lady’s Maid b. Crickhowell, Brecon
Ruth Watkins 27 Housemaid b. Talgarth, Brecon
Fanny Robinson 26 Laundry Maid b. Shropshire
Elizabeth Morgan 20 Housemaid b. Brecknockshire
Rosa E. Kleiser 20 Kitchenmaid b. Herefordshire
Marian Cross 17 Nursery Maid b. Madley, Herefordshire
Ellen Williams 25 Nurse b. Clapham, Surrey
Agnes Williams 15 Nursery Maid b. Mordiford, Herefordshire
William Bettington 33 Butler b. Bosbury, Herefordshire
Alfred Morgan 19 Footman b. Bridstow, Herefordshire
Thomas Stephens 24 Coachman b. Bromsberrow, Herefordshire
Thomas Lucas 22 Groom b. Radnorshire


1891 – Homme House Household

John E. Money Kyrle 79 Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, JP for Herefordshire b. Clifton, Somerset
Ada Money Kyrle 49 Wife b. Middlesex
Cecil L. Money Kyrle 23 Son, Theological student, BA Oxford b. Tupsley, Herefordshire
Eugenia Money Kyrle 36 Daughter b. Hampton Bishop, Herefordshire
Violet A. Money Kyrle 10 Daughter b. Much Marcle, Herefordshire
Arthur Money Kyrle 9 Cousin b. India
Nina Money Kyrle 8 Cousin b. India
Ernle W. Money Kyrle 6 b. Aberystwith, Wales
Bertha Henshaw 22 Governess b. Essex
Albert Collet 38 Butler b. Worcester
Joseph Burford 17 Footman b. Redmarley, Gloucestershire
James Rowberry 31 Coachman b. Lugwardine, Herefordshire
George Forty 20 Groom b. Putley, Herefordshire
Susan Bengough 50 Cook/Housekeeper b. Stoke Prior, Herefordshire
Mary Evans 46 Lady’s Maid b. Crickhowell, Brecon
Eliza England 35 Housemaid b. Much Marcle, Herefordshire
Ann Counsell 18 Housemaid b. Peterstow, Herefordshire
Louisa Ellis 19 Kitchen Maid b. Kings Pyon, Herefordshire
Winifred Morris 18 Lady’s Maid b. Malvern Link, Worcestershire
Mary Hill 19 Nurse b. Munsley, Herefordshire

1901 – Homme House Household

Ann Poppitt 47 Housekeeper in Charge b. Bishops Frome, Herefordshire
Celia Edwards 16 Housemaid b. Dymock, Gloucestershire
Beatrice Poppitt 15 Kitchen Maid b. Ludlow, Shropshire

1911 – Homme House Household

Louisa Jones 41 Caretaker b. Sollers Hope, Herefordshire

1921 – Homme House Household

Eliza Mary Wilcholt b. Victoria, Australia 1880 Wife
Faith Wilcholt b. Queensland, Australia 1909 Daughter
Ann Mary Wilcholt b. Llanwarne, Herefordshire 1912 Daughter
Minnie Madeleine Christie b. Ballymena, Ireland 1885 Governess
Jane Smith b. Worcestershire 1903 Under Parlourmaid
Leslie Frank Beard b. Upton on Severn,  Gloucestershire 1901 Chauffeur
Amy Charles b. Wormbridge, Herefordshire 1889 Cook
Hilda Jane Fawks b. Much Marcle,  Herefordshire 1896 Head Housemaid
Irene May Baker b. Woolhope,  Herefordshire 1904 Kitchen Maid
Edith Mary Evans b. Canon Frome, Herefordshire 1906 Under Housemaid
Mary Elise Lewis b. Little Dewchurch 1893 Parlourmaid