The original 17th century house was rebuilt in 1854, reputedly by Edward Pugin, with some parts dating back to the 16th century retained. It was rebuilt again in the 19th century

In 1834, Warham house was advertised for sale, described as a delightfully situated residence with drawing, dining and breakfast rooms; thirteen bedrooms, offices etc. and suitable for a respectable family. As well as the house, there was a lovely walled garden and 40 acres of meadows and orchards which stretched down to the bank of the River Wye.
A Mr. T. Cooke took up residence, then on his death in 1838 the contents of the house were put up for sale – the list gives an insight into how the rooms must have looked:
Mahogany sideboard with cellaret; mahogany dining tables with six chairs with hair seats, and another set of 8 chairs; window curtains and cornice; handsome bookcase with secretaire and shelves underneath; office writing table and secretaire; floor carpets and hearth rugs; fire irons; hall lamp; India cheffioneer with marble slab; mahogany sofa table; 2 pairs of card tables; 8 day clock in case; 5 four post beds and hangings; 4 tent beds; 5 feather beds, hair mattresses and palliasses; 4 chimney glasses; dressing tables; chamber ware; kitchen and brewing requisites and a choice library of upwards of 200 volumes.
In 1841 Warham house was advertised for let, fully furnished, and there are further descriptions, i.e. stabling for five horses with a double coach house and offices. The land seemed to have reduced to 9 acres of meadow and orchards but one assumes that this was purely for the tenant because a year later the house was put up for sale and boasted 302 acres of freehold; copyhold and leasehold land.
Not only was Warham house itself for sale in 1842, but also the two farms and all the buildings on the estate.

1871 – Warham House Household

Anne Parry 91 Independent means, blind for two years b. Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire
Jane Ball 48 Cook b. Eardisley, Herefordshire
Jane Brown 61 Lady’s Maid b. Suffolk
Mary Walwyn 56 Housemaid b. Woolhope, Herefordshire
Ellen Reynolds 17 Kitchen Maid b. Worcestershire
William Deekins 39 Butler b. Kington, Herefordshire
Frederick Rouse 29 Coachman b. Ashperton, Herefordshire


1881 – Warham House Household

Fanny E. Peach 52 No occupation b. Leicester
Catherine H. Peach 49 No occupation b. Leicester
Mary Clarke 44 Cook b. Yorkshire
Annie Amyes 28 Housemaid b. Bockleton, Worcestershire
James Collie 58 Butler b. Aberdeen, Scotland
Joseph Clark 30 Coachman b. Leicester


1891 – Warham House Household

H.J. Sugden 39 Living on own means b. Yorkshire
Judith E. Sugden 40 Wife b. Yorkshire
Emily L. Wood 15 Step Daughter b. Algiers, British Subject
Mary E. Wood 13 Step Daughter b. Bedfordshire
Guy Sugden 2 Son b. Breinton, Herefordshire
Marjorie Sugden 1 Daughter b. Breinton, Herefordshire
Mary C. Browne 32 Governess b. Grantham, Lincolnshire
Ann Jones 33 Cook b. Lyonshall, Herefordshire
Ellen R. Benfield 41 Nurse b. Dorsetshire
Emily Marvan 24 Parlourmaid b. Bodenham, Herefordshire
Alice Lloyd 25 Housemaid b. Norton Canon, Herefordshire
Susan M. Hares 18 Serving Maid b. Brecon
Arabella J. Quelch 19 Nurse b. Bedfordshire
Myra Williams 17 Kitchen Maid b. Wales
Walter Jenkins 18 Groom b. Bath, Somerset

1901 – Warham House Household

Caroline Hall Dare 58 Widow living on own means b. Ireland
Anne H. Vesey 54 Cousin, widow b. Ireland
Sarah Taylor 30 Housemaid b. Ireland
Emily Harvey 24 Cook b. Ireland
Helen Dovey 21 Parlourmaid b. Tenbury, Worcestershire
Daniel Gave 23 Gardener b. Kimbolton, Herefordshire

1911 – Warham House Household

Caroline Hall Dare 68 Widow living on independent means b. Ireland
Alice Allison 56 Companion b. Coldstream
Mary Agnes Binstead 40 Visitor b. Somerset
Plyllis Wall 27 Cook b. Breconshire
Gertrude Rawlings 25 Parlourmaid b. Hereford
Edith Philpot 23 Housemaid b. Gloucestershire
Wilfrid Broom 15 Garden Boy b. Shropshire