Marriage, death and arguing with the law at Warham

1828 –  Important Warham Farmer Gets Married

William George of Warham married Miss Frances Roberts at St. Peters Church, Hereford.

1837 –  Inquest on Labourer at Warham

Thomas Delahay was employed by Mr. Williams and was trying to carry a cupboard down the granary steps when he slipped and fell down from the height of the seventh step.

Thomas was taken straight to the Infirmary at Hereford, but the surgeon, Mr. Tully said that he knew immediately there was no hope.  Although Thomas was fully conscious, he was completely paralised from the neck down.

The verdict was accidental death.

1858 – A “Wrinkle” for Employers

George Savage, a Warham farmer, was summonsed to court for not paying 18s 6d to one of his servants, George Woodward.

George Woodward had been hired as a yearly servant, but then he enlisted as a soldier, and the Mayor told George Savage that under a clause of the Mutiny Act the money had to be paid.  Perhaps understandably, Mr. Savage objected strongly to paying out this money and claimed that he had sought legal advice and been told he was not liable.

However, the Mayor was adamant and said that an Act of Parliament was very clear on the point.

Mr. Savage was also accused of being rather rude to a police officer, and the Mayor decided that he could quite believe that of him, and insisted that the outstanding money be paid.

Mr. Savage declared that “it was deucedly against the grain as an attorney ought to know law”.  Getting nowhere, he threw down a sovereign and waited for change, but was furious when he was told that he had incurred 5s. 6d  in costs.

1862 – Hereford Volunteer Rifle Corps

In 1862 work started on building the new rifle range at Warham.

Fences were taken down and replaced by posts and rails, and a brick wall was being built behind the proposed butts.

It was thought that the work would be completed fairly rapidly if the weather remained good.

1867 – Herefordshire Rifle Volunteers

The prize meeting of Nos. 1 and 8 Companies took place at the Butts, Warham, where there was a huge number of competitors.

So many entrants and so many prizes resulted in the meeting continuing on the following day, when the weather was glorious.


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