The Workhouse at Weobley was built in 1837 at White Hill, and the building still exists but became the home of the Council Offices and has now been converted into flats.

Workhouse Supplies

In 1842, an advertisement was placed in the Hereford Times as follows:

“Wanted, contracts for bread, meat, grocery, shoes, coffins etc. for a period of three months, commencing on 28th June.

BREAD – to be made of best seconds flour, in loaves of 4lb and 2lb weight respectively, and not less than 24 nor more than 48 hours old at time of delivery.

MEAT – Beef (without bone) ;  mutton and suet, and best shins and cheeks.

GROCERY – Tea, sugar, rice, treacle, oatmeal, pepper, allspice, cheese, salt butter, yellow soap, candles, soda, starch and blue, and salt.

COALS – best Welsh.

SHOES – Men’s, women’s, boy’s and girl’s shoes in sizes.

COFFINS – of good elm boards, smoothed and hooped, with the initials of the name and the age of the deceased on the lid, and to include a suitable shroud, pillow etc. for each.

Sealed tenders with samples of grocery, to be delivered to the Workhouse.”

The contracts were always very short, and advertisements for tenders appeared on a regular basis.

Entertainment in the Workhouse

Some Masters and Matrons were of a kindlier disposition than others, and in 1899 Mr. and Mrs. Dion organised an evening of entertainment for the inmates of the Weobley Workhouse.

The dining hall was used for the occasion, and a stage was built at one end, where many acts took place, including some performed by the children.  There were also some excellent waxworks, with Mr. Dion being showman.

James Bell, on behalf of the inmates, thanked everyone who had given them such a wonderful evening, and spoke in high terms of the kindness they had always received from the Master and Matron.


Weobley Union Workhouse Staff 1841

James Anderton 40 Master
Margaret Anderton 35 Wife, Matron
George Baskerville 40 Porter


Weobley Union Workhouse Staff 1851

B.P. Evans 50 Master b. Barnstaple, Devon
Anna Evans 49 Wife, Matron b. Devon
Phillis K. Evans 9 Daughter b. Devon
George Griffiths 21 Porter and Baker b. Hereford


Weobley Union Workhouse Staff 1861

Thomas B. Venimore 43 Master b. Middlesex
Ann Lucy Venimore 42 Wife, Matron b. Middlesex
William Anderson 19 Porter b. Leominster, Herefordshire
Harriet Chivers 26 Nurse b. Pontypool, Monmouthshire


Weobley Union Workhouse Staff 1871

Joseph Pope 41 Master b. Droitwich, Worcestershire
Annie Pope 48 Matron b. Newent, Gloucestershire
Fanny Pope 18 Daughter, Assistant Matron, b. Dodderhill, Worcestershire
Amy Pope 9 Daughter, b. Brewood, Staffordshire
John Harpe 20 Porter b. Leominster, Herefordshire


Weobley Union Workhouse Staff 1881

Daniel Johnson 39 Master b. Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Eliza Jane Johnson 29 Wife, Matron b. Coleford, Gloucestershire
Charles Weager 30 Schoolmaster b. Usk
Elizabeth Price 40 Nurse b. Kings Pyon, Herefordshire

Weobley Union Workhouse Staff 1911

George Ishmael Dion 56 Master b. Lincolnshire
Mary Ann Dion 56 Wife, Matron b. Coleford, Gloucestershire
Mary Johnson 44 Nurse b. Clodock, Herefordshire