This church is unfortunately locked as a matter of course. It is only accessible by walking across a field, and one should check carefully for  livestock!

In the mid 19th century the church was closed in order that general restoration could be carried out, and it was subsequently re-opened on 16th September 1858.


The church had been in a dreadfully dilapidated state, and was stated to be “a tasteless and bad copy of Palladian architecture”.  It was in fact in such a bad state of repair that it was positively dangerous – after one service a part of the heavy plaster ceiling fell down.  Many of the windows were decayed, and much of the interior was classed as “inappropriate”.


The character of the church was completely changed by the restoration, and it became a good example of early Gothic architecture, with a completely new roof of open construction;  new stone windows;  open sittings instead of the high pews;  a new pulpit and reading desk and a new communion rail carried on decorative standards, illuminated with gold and colour.






Preston Wynne - Herefordshire - Holy Trinity - exterior 2










Preston Wynne - Herefordshire - Holy Trinity - exterior