Bits of news from the past

1889 – Sad Death of Preston Wynne Man

Charles Bethell was a 62 year old labourer who was single and described as a sober steady man.


Charles was sent one Saturday morning to Mr. Philip Holloway of Lower Town Farm, Preston Wynne, to fetch some harvest beer with a horse and cart.  The horse was a quiet one.


A witness saw Charles on Aylestone Hill in Hereford, where he suddenly fell off the cart backwards and slipped under a wheel.  The horse stopped, and two men ran to help – they backed the cart off Charles and picked him up.  Charles said that he would be fine if they just held him up for a bit, but he had lost the use of his legs – he spoke clearly and was able to tell them who the horse and cart belonged to.


Charles was taken to the Infirmary, and Mr. Nicholson the House Surgeon found the his skull was fractured and his spinal cord was severed.  He was still conscious, but he died three days later.