The church of St. Mary dates from around the 12th century, but has been much rebuilt.  

On 1st June 1858, the parishioners of Cusop celebrated the reopening of their church, which had been under repair for some considerable time.

The ancient building had fallen into disrepair, and restoration became an absolute necessity.

The Curate of the parish, Rev. T. Kearsey Thomas, set about drumming up the funds required, with the assistance of many local gentlemen.  The parishioners happily agreed to a parochial rate of 1s 6d in the pound, and in addition to this, some of the wealthier residents gave generous donations to the pot.  Grants were also obtained, but still the £600 required had not been achieved, until some benefactors came to the good and wiped out the outstanding debt.

The church sits on the slope of a high hill, with outstanding views, and the following is a description of the restoration:

“The rude design of the original builder has been modified and enlarged upon;  the western end of the church, with its bell turret and windows, the Gothic porch, the east window and the vestry with its arched entrance, are entirely new;  and in addition to this, the flooring has been raised and levelled and the walls neatly plastered and colour washed.”

The new building was able to accommodate 120 people,

Cusop_Herefordshire_ St. Mary - exterior