The tiny village of Cusop lies very close to the Welsh border, just over a mile from Hay on Wye and the surroundings are absolutely glorious.

The views from the hill behind Cusop must rival any in the West of England, with no break in the vista until the eye reaches the hills of the Cotswolds.

William Seward – Methodist Martyr

Cusop churchyard is famous for a wonderful Yew tree which measures some 40 feet round the base.  Close to the Yew trees is an interesting memorial stone, inscribed “sacred to the memory of William Seward, gentleman of Bengeworth, Evesham”

William Seward was the first Methodist martyr who was converted in the great Methodist revival under John Wesley, and he went out to preach the gospel.  At Hay he was attacked by the parson and his followers, and stoned to death.  Burial was refused for his body, so sympathisers carried him to Cusop and buried him there where his memorial stone is regularly visited.


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