The church dedicated to St. Mary has undergone complete rebuilding recently, but was originally 11th or 12th century. Some of the fittings from the old church have been retained, including the font which is 15th century.


Tretire with Michaelchurch - Herefordshire - St. Mary - exterior









The Original Church at Tretire

In June 1855 the foundation stone for the new church at Tretire was laid, after the original church had been taken down.  During the demolition of the old church, an ancient rude fresco painting depicting the Last Judgement was discovered, and the Ten Commandments were uncovered on the north wall of the nave.  Also just above the communion table, a strange east window was found – it was tiny outside but widened to a large aperture within, and was clearly ancient Norman or even earlier.  The inside of the walls was crudely decorated with red flowers intended to resemble masonry, but it had been covered by stones from perhaps the nearby ancient castle.

There were many other lovely finds, and it seems a shame that there was no way that they could be kept or preserved.

The Consecration of the New Church at Tretire

The consecration of the new church at Tretire took place on 18th September 1856, the ceremony being carried out by the Lord Bishop of the diocese.


The church was considered to be wholly adequate for the tiny parish, and the work was carried out by David Roberts of Monmouth to the design of T.H. Wyatt.

The small but elegant bell turret had three bells, and the east window depicting the Last Supper was by Miller.