Fire at a farm, and more

1838 – The Rev. John Webb of Tretire spots Encke’s Comet

Mr. Webb of Tretire found Encke’s Comet on 27th October 1838, in the constellation Perseus and among the stars forming the head of Medusa.

He said that the comet was very small but bright enough to be seen through a good telescope.

Encke first discovered the comet, and was given an honorary reward.

1870 – Woman takes Father of her illegitimate Child to Court

Mary Ann Weaver, a single woman of Tretire,  summoned Henry Higgison a farm labourer of Llanrothal to explain why he shouldn’t pay towards the support of his illegitimate child.

The Bench felt that the case was proved, and ordered Henry to pay 1s 6d per week, plus 22s expenses.

1907 – Fire at Kilreese Farm, Tretire

A fire broke out at Kilreese Farm, the home of George Saul, and although the fire brigade arrive promptly they found the stable well alight.

There was lots of water available, so the firemen soon put out the flames, but then they discovered that a man had been sleeping in the loft over the stable.  They got him out with some difficulty, but he had been very badly burned over both legs and his body.