Earthquake and scarlet fever

1843 – Scarlet Fever at Turnastone

In February 1843 Scarlet Fever was rampaging through Turnastone and Vowchurch, with more than forty children being confirmed with the disease.

Ten children died alarmingly quickly and the villagers were understandably in a state of panic.

In some households, every child had caught the disease and many families had lost more than two children.

1863 – Earthquake shakes Turnastone

In October 1863, in the early hours of the morning, inhabitants of Turnastone as well as neighbouring villages were woken from their sleep by a violent shaking of the houses.

It was reported that “beds were rocked like cradles, and earthenware and glasses rattled on the shelves”.

Some people were thrown out of their beds, and furniture was tossed about.  People were on the verge of panic thinking that it was Judgement Day.

Whilst the quake lasted, there was a deafening roaring noise and shaking of the earth which terrified the animals, and many houses were damaged.