Sometimes shortened to “Smith”, Blacksmiths were extremely important in rural Herefordshire, and at least one forge was to be found in most villages but sometimes two or three as there was ample work for all

Many cottages still bear the name “Old Forge” or “The Smithy” although few still have working equipment. Most of the business came from farriery and unlike in modern times, horses would be walked to the forge and line up awaiting their turn…….sometimes it would be a very long day indeed for the farrier, who frequently worked from dawn until dark. Blacksmiths also made all manner of things ranging from nails to ploughshares and axes, wheel rims to chains and garden implements, and they were a vital part of the community. Very often the craft was passed down from father to son.

People who were Blacksmiths

  • Bankruptcies - Blacksmiths


    In spite of the fact that Blacksmiths, or Farriers, were in huge demand because of the importance of sound horses etc. there were still a great many bankruptcies

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