In spite of the fact that Blacksmiths, or Farriers, were in huge demand because of the importance of sound horses etc. there were still a great many bankruptcies


Joseph Green September 1848 Blacksmith Hunsdon Green, Herefordshire
Thomas Knowles August 1862 Blacksmith Collington nr. Bromyard, Herefordshire
James Lane March 1864 Blacksmith Upper Sapey, Herefordshire
James Fletcher February 1866 Blacksmith Eardisley, Herefordshire
J.W. Magness April 1867 Blacksmith Ashperton, Herefordshire
W. Duggan November 1867 Blacksmith Brilley, Herefordshire
Charles Buck August 1882 Blacksmith Garway Common, Herefordshire
William James Thompson October 1883 Blacksmith Leinthall Starks, Herefordshire
William Henry Hodges November 1886 Blacksmith Rushall, nr Much Marcle, Herefordshire
James Barker Parish August 1893 Blacksmith Weobley, Herefordshire
Thomas Robins May 1899 Blacksmith Madley, Herefordshire




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