An ancestor of Captain Rudhall Booth was Bishop Booth of Hereford.

The family were much embroiled in the English Civil Wars, and Rudhall died whilst commanding the Holy Island Garrison. He had a brother, Charles, who was exiled with King James l, and he died in France. Charles had a son, also called Charles, who having renounced the English Government was unable to return to Breinton to claim his estate. He secretly, with the help of a friend, leased the land to the Dean of Hereford, but when the friend died, his housekeeper Alice Shaw inherited the land. Eventually the whole estate was gifted to Thomas Cooke of Kinnersley who had built up a thriving Tannery in Weobley. Thomas passed on the land to his brother James Cooke who was a bookseller at the British Museum in London, and James returned to Herefordshire. James had one son, Thomas, who after going to Eton and Oxford became a Barrister, then later a Lieutenant Colonel in the Hereford County Militia.