The du Buisson family feature large in the history of this parish

In 1867 Lucy du Buisson played a harmonium for the first time ever at a service. The du Buisson family were responsible for building the rectory, which is now Breinton Grange, althought they themselves lived at Breinton Court, and they also were instrumental in building the school which could cope with 40 children. Sadly, the aforementioned Lucy, who was one of five children, was mostly very unwell, and although she married the son of the Curate after a delay when she contracted Chickenpox, this was shortlived as a month after their honeymoon Lucy died. Perhaps some blame can be laid at the door of a drunken coachman, who some years earlier went off the road when bringing Lucy and her brother back home from a party in the depths of a freezing winter…….they all ended up in the pond! This could not have been good for anyone’s health. Also given to the church by the du Buisson children were the oak lectern (in memory of George Proctor) and a crucifix in memory of Lionel Thomas Ricketts.