The Summer House in Almeley once housed the early Almeley Quaker, Roger Prichard

Roger Prichard

In 1672 he donated the nearby cottage to the Quakers and it is still in use for meetings to this day. Roger’s son Edward, and his brother in law John Eckley attended meetings regularly and were linked with William Penn when he established the American Pennsyvania Colony.

People of Almeley

  • Sir John Oldcastle

    Sir John was born in around 1378 in Herefordshire, to Sir Richard Oldcastle, and due to the wealth of his parents gained an excellent education. Many people will know of Sir John from the works of Shakespeare, who based Sir John Falstaff in King Henry IV upon him. He was actually better known generally for being a leader of the Lollards and a supporter of Wycliffe, his home in the village of Almeley, North Herefordshire, being a staunch Lollard area, and he was thought of as “The good Lord Cobham”.

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