This tiny village sits in the far northeast corner of Herefordshire, close to Ledbury and Colwall, and the name Coddington derives from the Anglo Saxon “Coton” – the plural of “Cote” which means a collection of mud cottages.


There are many old and interesting buildings in Coddington, including Church Cottage which dates back to the mid sixteen hundreds, and which until fairly recently was the village Post Office. Coddington Court was built around 1770 and was originally known as Coddington House. There were two pubs  – The Plough Inn and the Golden Cross, but sadly for the locals both of these are now private houses.


Churches of Coddington

  • All Saints Church - Coddington

    This church was extensively restored in 1865, the cost being born by Mrs. Hope whose brother in law was Rev’d Edward Higgins of Bosbury Manor. Apparently he suffered a nasty riding accident, and was nursed in Coddington Rectory until better. Mrs. Hope was so grateful (and wealthy) that she paid £1832 for the restoration.

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Buildings in Coddington


  • The Old Rectory

    In the centre of Coddington is the Old Rectory which dates back to 1585 and is built of local stone.

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  • Moorfields/Coddington Court History

    This large mansion house has been renamed twice, being initially Moorfields, then Coddington House/Court and latterly Adhisthana, and was built in 1796 on a farming estate at Coddington near Ledbury by Thomas Holder who also formed a garden and park around the house.

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News from the Past Coddington