The village of Monnington on Wye sits close to the River Wye in the Weobly district.

The famous Monnington Walk was best described by Kilvert – “One great feature of the place is the famous Monnington Walk, a noble avenue of magnificent Scotch firs bordering a broad green ride, stretching from Brobury Scar to Monnington Court, where the Aunt of Owen Glendower lived”
This walk now is part of the Wye Valley Walk and connects Monnington with Bredwardine.

Owen Glyndwr took refuge under the roof of his son in law, Scudamore of Kentchurch, and died in obscurity – he was buried at Monnington on Wye.

John of Kent, a mathematician and poet also lived at Monnington.  He was believed to have sold his soul to the devil, and to have constructed a bridge over the Monnow in a single night.

Churches of Monnington on Wye

  • St. Mary's Church - Monnington on Wye

    The original church of St. Mary at Monnington on Wye was 13th century, but it was rebuilt in 1679 by Uvedfale Tomkins and his wife Mary. (Uvedfale’s grandfather, James Tomkins was an MP for Leominster in 1623, but was hanged in 1643 for raising an army for the King against Parliament.

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News from the Past Monnington on Wye