The picturesque small town of Pembridge is an absolute delight, with many half timbered buildings, some of which dated from the 15th century.  There is one charming cottage which dates back to 1425 .
 It was once an important market town, and the Market Hall is thought to be around early 16th century.

When conservation work was done in 2005 the workers discovered a penny dated 1806 in the bottom of one of the supporting pillars. This was carefully put back under the new wood, and a £1 coin was added to show future generations when conservation work was carried out. Most of the timbered buildings, and the Church with its bell tower plus the Market Hall are listed because of their architecture and age.

The River Arrow runs through the town

The village shop – a lovely black and white building called “The Olde Steppes” – has been in existence for over 200 years, although before the late 1700s it was a rectory.

Churches of Pembridge

News from the Past Pembridge