The village of Bosbury lies about 4 miles north of Ledbury.

The name Bosbury is derived from the old English for an Anglo Saxon settlement – bury – prefixed by the personal name of Bosa.

There is a long history of a very successful Horse Show and Races at Bosbury, which was attended by competitors from far afield.



Churches of Bosbury

  • Holy Trinity Church - Bosbury

    The passing of the centuries has seen many changes to the church, some necessitated by natural forces such as lightening striking the spire in 1638; subsidence in the 19th century, and a devastating fire in 1917. Also in the mid 17th century Parliamentary men who were determined to destroy all Popish symbols and finery, entered Bosbury and smashed most of the stained glass in the chapel as well as the stoup of holy water.

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News from the Past Bosbury

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Buildings of Bosbury

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