The Grange dates back to the 15th century although not in its present form, and was owned by James Halfhide (or Hawfield) before being passed to Anthony Hawfield, Richard Hawfield and John Hawfield successively. More Hawfields followed, but in 1749 Richard Hardwicke owned the Grange and by 1802 the house was tenanted to Robert Drew who eventually bought it.
Robert Drew remained on the estate until 1818.

Sir Rowland Morton

The original building was at one time lived in by Sir Rowland Morton during the reign of Henry VII, and he was responsible for founding Bosbury Grammar School in 1540 as well as funding improvements to Bosbury church.
Sir Rowland was from an eminent family, and his brother, or possibly nephew,  was Cardinal Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor of England; he married Elizabeth, the daughter of Walter Pembrugge.

The Morton chantry chapel in the south aisle of the church at Bosbury was constructed so that masses could be made for the soul of Sir Rowland’s wife who died in 1528.

The Grange is Put up for Auction

The present house was constructed in the 19th century after the original building was demolished, and in September 1841 was sold by auction and described as follows:
“The Grange Estate will be sold by auction by Mr. Bird at the Feathers Hotel, Ledbury.
A newly erected mansion with coach houses; stables; offices; barns and agricultural buildings of the best description, called The Grange, and 157 acres or thereabouts of excellent arable, meadow, orchard, hop land, and ornamental coppices, the latter of which are sufficiently stocked with game. The greater part of the estate is freehold and the remainder copyhold of inheritance. This property is worthy the attention of any person desirous of a choice investment, or of a genteel residence coupled with agricultural and sporting pursuits. Mr. Cox the tenant will give permission to view”
The Grange was bought by Thomas Heywood and then rented out to John Acton who in the winter of 1851 suffered a horrible accident. He was returning from Ledbury market one night in a phaeton with two other men; Thomas was riding in the back seat when somehow he fell off onto one of the back wheels.
Unfortunately it was a very dark night and nobody noticed that he was “being ground with the wheel” until they came across another traveller near to the Bosbury turnpike who pointed out the poor chap’s predicament.
His injuries were truly dreadful, and after three lingering weeks of terrible agony he finally died.
Now, I cannot help but think here that all three of them may have imbibed a tad too much at Ledbury market……..not an unusual occurrence!


1851 – The Grange Household

John Acton 51 Farmer b. Breconshire
Alphia (?) Acton 50 Wife b. Cradley, Herefordshire
Emma Acton 24 Daughter b. Glamorganshire
Eliza Truham 26 House Servant b. Dymock, Gloucestershire
James Davis 48 House Servant b. Cradley, Herefordshire
Thomas Bisckley 19 House Servant b. Worcestershire
James Thomas 13 House Servant b. Herefordshire

1881 – The Grange Household

James Willcox 64 Living on own means B. Salop
Mary Willcox 60 Wife b. Ledbury, Herefordshire
Mary Willcox 35 Daughter b. Ledbury, Herefordshire
Anne Ballard 64 Visitor, Widow living on own means b. Ledbury, Herefordshire
Arthur Ballard 22 Visitor b. Much Cowarne, Herefordshire
Mary J. Davies 29 Cook b. Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire
Elizabeth H. Davies 29 Housemaid, widow b. Liverpool, Lancashire

1901 – The Grange Household

Thomas Bottom 57 Farm Manager b. Dilwyn, Herefordshire
Sarah Bottom 53 Wife b. Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire
Sarah Bottom 29 Daughter, domestic servant b. Dilwyn, Herefordshire
Henry J. Bottom 12 Son b. English Bicknell, Gloucestershire
Rhoda H. Bottom 10 Daughter b. Withington, Herefordshire
Elizabeth H. Davies 39 Cook, widow b. Liverpool, Lancashire
Emily A. Jones 24 Housemaid b. Monmouth

1911 – The Grange Household

Thomas Bottom 61 Farm Bailiff b.Dilwyn, Herefordshire
Sarah Bottom 63 Wife b. Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire
Rhoda Harriet Bottom 20 Daughter b. Withington, Herefordshire