The village of Bosbury lies about 4 miles north of Ledbury.

The name Bosbury is derived from the old English for an Anglo Saxon settlement – bury – prefixed by the personal name of Bosa.

In 1844 a report on Bosbury stated that the ancient village still “had many curious relics of bygone ages remaining amongst its auld stanes;  indeed the most unimaginative traveller will be agreeably surprised at the lengthened vista of antique gables and grotesque frontage which meets his eye on crossing the bridge at the entrance of the village.”

“The antique buildings, climbing high,

Whose gothic frontlet seeks the sky,

Were here wrapt deep in shade;

There on their brows the moonbeam broke

Through the faint wreaths of silvery smoke,

and on the casements played.”


The inhabitants at the time were very proud of the former glories of Bosbury and were quick to say that Bosbury was a town long before Hereford was a city.

The old farm house known as The Old Court and adjacent buildings were the remains of the palace of the former Bishops of Hereford, and there was a prison close by.

On the very south side of the village there was an ancient building, with a richly panelled oak room;  the ceiling rafters were also fine oak and the intersecting points of these were ornamented with bosses containing the arms of Bishop Skipp (1552) of the House of Scrope, and of William Paulet, Marquess of Winchester, Knight of the Garter in the 35th year of Henry VIII.


Bosbury is also famous for being a former station of the Knights Templar, and Temple Court was one of the main houses in the village.






There is a long history of a very successful Horse Show and Races at Bosbury, which was attended by competitors from far afield.



Churches of Bosbury

  • Holy Trinity Church - Bosbury

    The passing of the centuries has seen many changes to the church, some necessitated by natural forces such as lightening striking the spire in 1638; subsidence in the 19th century, and a devastating fire in 1917. Also in the mid 17th century Parliamentary men who were determined to destroy all Popish symbols and finery, entered Bosbury and smashed most of the stained glass in the chapel as well as the stoup of holy water.

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News from the Past Bosbury


Buildings of Bosbury

  • The Grange (Grange Farm) History

    The Grange dates back to the 15th century although not in its present form, and was owned by James Halfhide (or Hawfield) before being passed to Anthony Hawfield, Richard Hawfield and John Hawfield successively. More Hawfields followed, but in 1749 Richard Hardwicke owned the Grange and by 1802 the house was tenanted to Robert Drew who eventually bought it.
    Robert Drew remained on the estate until 1818.

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